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E.Joseph and The Phantom Heart / Press

"Burn All the Documents" bares a feeling of urgency and immediacy, making even its slowest moments a rather energetic affair. Refreshingly familiar and excitingly modern, this latest and finely produced release from the Philadelphia-Baltimore indie rock sensation is just that good. Right from the onset of “Screw Your Head Down,” this energy is apparent as the song blazes a trail of danceable rhythms a la drummer Nick Porcaro and shimmering guitars, the vocal interplay between E. Joseph and bassist Mia Regalado full of instant appeal too enjoyable not to sing along to. The juxtaposition of male and female vocals comes across as a combination of Elvis Costello and The Pixies. Yet, all of these elements form together into a cohesive and instantly identifiable indie rock sound that is as refreshingly familiar as it is excitingly modern. Finely produced and performed, "Burn All the Documents" is not an overly fanciful or frivolous album; it’s just excellent.

"Baltimore’s EDWARD JOSEPH NEENAN, AKA E.JOSEPH, is a longtime soldier in the power pop wars as a trooper in SPLITSVILLE, MYRACLE BRAH and BUNNY. All the Medicine in the World, his first album with his backup band THE PHANTOM HEART, gives the singer/songwriter a chance to stretch out in a logical direction: mid-80s psychedelic alternative rock. Echo & the Bunnymen, the Church and the Psychedelic Furs are touchstones, but don’t think that E.Joseph is merely a rip-off artist. Glistening tunes like “Selfish,” “Changing Trains” and “Pulling Me Under” filter those beloved sounds through the leader’s thoughtful, heartfelt vision, resulting in a pop album that plunders the past but sounds modern. Folks with a fondness for 120 Minutes may smile knowingly at E.Joseph’s sonic aesthetic (while singing along, of course), but I guarantee younger listeners will find All the Medicine in the World… appropriately fresh, intelligent and exciting."

Michael Toland - Big Takeover

““E. Joseph and the Phantom Heart...is no small pill for the listener to swallow. On the face of it, this band makes pop songs. These songs, however, are not to be taken at face value. A listen to their 2008 album All The Medicine In The World… will certainly remind a listener of the best of the 80′s...but it also begs the question ‘What would have happened if U2 and Sting hadn’t fucked it all up for everybody?’ This is definitely some sub-genre of pop. Not power-pop, but we call it that because no one ever got around to naming it properly. Only the Cure made it out of the 80′s relatively intact playing something close to this sound. If they’d been around 30 years ago, E. Joseph and the Phantom Heart...would have signed a multi-record deal on a major...It’s no stretch to say that this band is revitalizing and reinventing pop music...and we’d urge anyone reading this to come out to the Windup Space tonight and support them..." ”

“E. Joseph and the Phantom Heart give the world power-pop that is modern and streamlined. Although firmly rooted in the sound of The Church and Echo and The Bunnymen, the band’s sound has evolved into an eclectic amalgam of Editors meets The Sheila Devine, Hurricane #1, and the Pernice Brothers.”

The Beechfields Record Label