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Eleven Fingered Charlie / Press

“Their beat is infectious and could cause a person to break out dancing on a moments notice. Equally impressive are the lyrics which can switch from the party chants to cerebral. A lot of times it takes a much bigger band to make such a full sound but EFC does it with a four piece...”

"Eleven Fingered Charlie has a good balance between feel-good songs and meaningful music – great songs for dancing, and songs that make me think, as well...almost like morning and twilight."

"EFC's unique take on the reggae genre sees them fusing jazz, rock and dub into a rhythmic and melodic powerhouse that'll groove your soul."

"I'm not sure i can put into words how this band has changed my life...Simply put: these guys are amazing. Their passion for what they do and talent to do it so well, will no doubt having them travling the world to share the music (and the love)! Thank you EFC!"

Julie Gaskill - CD Baby fan review

““I listen to nothing but reggae/rock bands from Cali to Nebraska (Vibenhai!) to Colorado to Maine (and Texas of course) and it's the most common thing for a modern reggae band to fuse styles. But these guys are the DEFINITION of seamless."”

Matt Cooley - CD Baby fan review

““…These guys are way better musicians than some of the big names who are playing reggae/dub/rock mixes ... and these are humble guys too. I talked to the bassist…after a show in Austin and he was so friendly, no ego from these dudes, definitely support them!” ”

Johnny Taylor - CD Baby fan review

““…That sound you hear is EFC’s own style of reggae. It’s hard to compare Eleven Fingered Charlie to any other music.” ”

Jayson Heynis - Study Breaks Magazine

"On Stage and off, EFC reeks of hand-rolled independence. Whatever aesthetic they've crafted in their eight year history has been completely their own making..."

GO! Magazine Lubbock