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Edensong / Press

“Edensong [have] released probably one of the best Prog Rock albums of the year, and certainly the best I’ve heard in a long time.””

““The band has released a very impressive CD titled ‘The Fruit Fallen’ which is an absolute must-have for fans of the classic British Progsound. …[F]rom start to finish high quality musicianship, this is a very sensational record.””

““This is a very sophisticated and strong debut CD by Edensong. It seems to get better with every listen.””

““…here’s a very progressive band that is mostly acoustically based…. I have to think that this album was released in the 70’s, sitting alongside Kansas, Yes, an Tull albums, this would be huge. But it’s 2008 and they’re currently obscure. Hopefully not for long.””

““The compositions are very well done, [and] feature amazing instrumental and orchestral arrangements…. If you like ‘Jethro Tull’, ‘Rush’, ‘Yes’, ‘Dream Theater’, ...‘Genesis’, ‘Curved Air’ you will love Edensong. ...Brilliant, amazing, perfect and a fantastic work.””

““I think it is a beautiful album, with many vignettes, many interludes, breaks and even quiet moments…and James Byron’s voice…sometimes reminds this reviewer of the great City Boy singer: Lol Mason. …I think this is a great start from a new band…they got it in them to create an epic mast”

““Edensong…have [released] one great album. Without [a] doubt this is the highlight of the year 2008. If you’re into Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery and Cyan you will adore Edensong. 'The Fruit Fallen' is a kickass CD…. [A] truly rare progressive mix.””

““...modern, intelligent prog rock.” "...this is a very good and deep effort by Edensong, a bright progressive rock modern band on the horizon…. Unreservedly recommended.””

““...this CD will pretty certainly make my ‘best albums of 2008’ list. ...It’s a disc I’ll be listening to for a long time. I fell in love with this on the first time hearing it and I’m not likely to wander far from it in the foreseeable future."”

““This one fell on me like a bomb! …Great recording…. There is so much going on in the mix that it will take many listens to peel back all the layers of this one and absorb it all. I can’t remember the last time I said this about a debut release from a prog band—BUY OR DIE!””

““Schoen is a man with tons of ideas…. The music on The Fruit Fallen is though[t]-provoking and shows a level of reserved-complexity that I’ve not seen very often.””

““There is an abundance of dynamic layers…The Fruit Fallen is filled with seemingly opposite dynamics playing off of each other, from the slow and light acoustic sections to the loud dark metal riffs. It ends up tightly fitting together…. Edensong is close to piecing together the perfect formul”

““Variegated, intense, warm music, often exceeding folk rock’s limits, sometimes very close to metal ... romantic-symphonic atmospheres, as well as vocal mixtures following Simon & Garfunkel or Kansas styles, …are not neglected ... really a bit of everything.””

“Modern, intelligent prog rock … a very good and deep effort by Edensong, a bright progressive rock modern band on the horizon … The Fruit Fallen could’t have been a more compact and stimulating album after all the time it took to be made. Unreservedly recommended.”