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“BLACK CAT BONE The Movie. A 21st Century Blues Musical Comedy based on a true story. An unsuspecting white man receives a piece of bone from an organ donor for a cervical fusion,bone graph operation. Through Cellular Memory,(google it) the personality of the donor transfers to the recipient. Shortly after the operation, Eddie Crowe turns into a blues singer. For no known reason he finds himself in a tattoo parlor getting a tattoo. It's a portrait of the late great blues legend Muddy Waters. Eddie acquires the aka of Milky Waters. Eddie believes that bone came from a black blues singer/songwriter that was on a mission to make his name in the blues. Milky Waters believes his doctor gave him a BLACK CATS BONE. http://www.soundclick.com/ecbu”

“BLACK CAT BONE The movie.. If they make my story into a movie I'll make a dead man famous, get his unreleased music discovered and possibly find out... Who killed the Blues Star Walter Lightninbug Rhodes?”