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Echo Effect / Press

“Echo Effect: What an epic name for a band! Seriously, just hearing it makes me think of a massive musical explosion. The group’s first effort, The Beauty in Disaster was released on December 24th of 2012. It’s a fairly short EP, only clocking in at around 22 minutes, but great things can often come in small packages! The man behind the microphone, Wally Joseph, has quite the track record. Through his career in performing and producing, he has been involved with countless bands, including Skywind/Crash Anthem, Whither the Tide, Vaudeville, Eden, and many more. Naturally, this set the bar very high for me. And sure enough, when I heard the gnarly bass line of “Face of the Girl,” I knew the EP was not going to disappoint. Every single song on the record sounds incredibly thick and powerful, thanks to the driving chops of drummer Erik Williams and the heavy, low-tuned guitar goodness of Jacob Nelson and Chris Rowe. Throw this all under Wally’s aggressive, yet heart felt voice a”

“With rockstar swagger, incredibly talented guitarists, and an unwavering rhythm section, Echo Effect let their experience and love of music shine at the Fine Line. Despite not even headlining this debut event, the group was the highlight of the evening out of the four acts. Tepetricy followed the group with a dragging 20 minute changeover with 20 more minutes of technical difficulty before their first note was played. Although I couldn’t stay for their set, I was unimpressed by their inability to play despite the drum trigger difficulties. Echo Effect was impressive, and only has room to grow. Although I always have preference for groups with more textures with pads and keys, this group’s music is big and small enough to be enjoyed fully both live and in headphones. Their transitions were stop and go like many bands, but with more chemistry built playing live, they’ll develop more an experience than just a show. I look forward to following more of Echo Effect and sharing their mu”

“Echo Effect - The beauty in disaster (2012) Independent Produced by Wally J HARD ROCK Tracks : 1.Face of the girl 2.The violence between us 3.Seven 4.Vanity 5.Push over 6.Only in the movies www.echoeffectmusic.com 3,5 out of 5 "The beauty in disaster" is the debut album from Minnesota based hardrock band Echo Effect, a new band featuring lead singer/guitarist/producer Wally J of Crash Anthem and Skywind. And they are giving it away for free during the holidays, just visit their website and download it. If Wally J delivered progressive metal with Skywind and then focused on modern rock in Crash Anthem, this time his new band Echo Effect is totally into riff oriented hardrock with a 90´s vibe. You´ll hear traces of grunge and numetal in their sound but this is mainly a hardrock album, no doubt it´s a strong release where my favorite songs are "Seven" and "Push over". Thumbs up.”