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Echo Bloom / Press

“It’s difficult to adequately describe the spectacular sound Kyle Evans manages to evoke under the moniker of Echo Bloom. Utilizing little more than a grouping of magnificent voices, and coupling them with barebones instrumentation, this ensemble offers proof positive that more can be done with less. Consequently Evans and company provide a stirring and soaring series of songs that can’t be defined by any word other than “awesome.” There’s a reverential quality that sweeps through the acapella opener “Annunciation” and continues to grace the eight tracks that follow. Credit this imaginative arranger with ensuring a subtle sound that emphasizes celestial harmonies, thoughtful melodies, a theatrical flair and high ambition. Clearly, originality is Evans’ strong suit, and with Blue he’s made a masterpiece.”

“The title track is a hypnotic and emotional piece of work that soars as much for the composition as a whole as well as the restraint shown by Evans and company vocally. I struggle to compare Evans to another singer vocally - and struggle even more to compare the songwriting to any of his contemporaries. And I think that’s what I like the most about Blue.”

“Added to this Evans turns out to be a very fine songwriter and some of the moments approach the summit of the likes of Van Morrison at his best. The lyrics of Fireworks are brief but encapsulate a moment so well as he sings “On the streets of the Capitol the fireworks echo and bloom flowering down into red and then green and then blue and for a second I could see your face near In that moment of light I saw a tear on the side of your cheek you leaned you head onto my shoulder and whispered to me “How’s life so beautiful, and yet so brief?”" Evans surrounds these words with a great arrangement that swirls and eddies under the vocals, a piano plays a stately solo and he ends up scatting just as Morrison might do if this were on Veedon Fleece.”

“I haven’t had an album listening session that equaled the first time I heard Damien Rice’s ‘O’. When I listened to Echo Bloom’s ‘Blue’ got that same rush. Maybe it’s because Kyle & his guests (Kate Vargas especially) have the same sort of musical romantic partnership or spark per each track that Damien & Lisa had back in the day. Every song on Blue sends chills down my spine. Track to Track, it’s an absolutely beautiful record that needs to be shared. The music video showcased didn’t do it justice. They are proud of it, and I’m proud to listen. This is ‘Blue’ by Echo Bloom.”