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East is East / Press

“Provenance, the first full –length album by Laconia, New Hampshire band East is East, is up for grabs for fans of straight-up rock bands who don’t balk at throwing a few experimental punches.”

“Their sound is hard to define in that it is at once familiar and different. It is straight-up rock with precise, layered vocals, but with a level of hipness that leaves them with something more dynamic. Maybe it’s those “ambient FX”. Guitars range from sustained shreds to bouncy progressions. They are both aggressive and decidedly danceable.”

“The album is filled with strong musical harmony, and clean musicianship. As upbeat as the album is, “100 Mile Miss” is a much different tone than the rest, and although it’s nearly impossible to properly explain the slow, almost ‘western’ style twang that it gives off in sections, you have to know, it’s absolutely one of the best songs on the album. And while “100 Mile Miss” demonstrates unique guitar tones, “Headlights” takes it in another direction all together, with a much slower vibe, and clear, earnest vocals which are seemingly raw and unfiltered; proving once again that East is East is a drastically diverse band not afraid to expose themselves and experiment with the public’s taste as well as their own.”

“Inspired by Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Green Day and other alt rockers, along with edgier bands like Mars Volta and Radiohead, the four members of East is East have been friends since high school. Provenance is a blend of often surprising elements, like a grunge-y, thumping bass line meeting a talk box guitar on "100 Mile Miss," and the twitchy tempo changes that introduce "Serotonin." The group includes Alex Vaughn on drums, bass player Andy Mallett and guitarists Jonas Sabatini and Abe Hughes, All four Sing, which is evident on "The Masquerade Will End," soring with arena rock intensity, and "Blinded" another highlight of the 10-track album that also illustrates an important creative debt, according to one member. "Muse is one band we all love, and the sound we were originally going for when we started," Hughes said recently. "We just sort of went from there."”

“East is East, a rock band made up of four local men, seems to be poised for a leap to the next level. All four are in their mid-20s and had been honing their chops since high school. The band formed in 2008 and has spent the intervening years rehearsing and performing, solidifying their sound in the process and generating enough original material to produce an album, which they hope to release in coming weeks. Audiences seem to be taking notice of their presence. In 2010, East is East won fourth place in a battle of the bands competition hosted by F Nice Records in Boston. 3,600 people have signed up as "fans" on the band's ReverbNation site.”

“They have a sound that fits nicely in their genre, but they also have some qualities that make them stand out. The guys in East is East have a great stage presence that shows they are really, genuinely in love with the music they create. This presence is clearly contagious as avid East is East fans went bananas over their new material.”

Derek Heidemann - Manchester Underground Music Examiner

"East is East is more bad ass than snakes, motorcycles, and explosions combined"

Christopher Walken

"Made me puke all over myself cuz they rocked so hard!"

The guy covered in puke at a show