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Dusk Raps / Press

“Dusk Ones rhymes paint a colorful canvas of two hungry artists living day to day putting in 110 percent— whether it be on or off the clock. Be on the lookout for “The Alive and Well Tour” that takes off this spring.”

“Dusk hones roots steming from classic singers like Otis Redding by keeping that rasp and grit in his voice. This dun gets raw at his shows pouring every bit of energy his lungs can push out till his clothes are drenched and the entire floor is bouncing.”

“This EP was released a while back but is too dope to just pass on by. The album is The Black Lungs EP and the creators are Dusk and Honna, known as MindState. This project originally dropped in November of last year. The beats are dirty, the vocals are gritty and the album is free. Check it out.”

“here’s a really dope ass EP from Mindstate: The Black Lungs. Though the project dropped in November, it is the first album I’ve heard this year that I’m finding myself go completely insane over. Can’t wait to download this to my ipod. Don’t sleep, this shit is dope as fuck!”

“the local hip-hop duo are “Back to Work,” with emcee Dusk One spitting gravely, vehement directives and suggestions while DJ Honna lays it on thick and lo-fi”

“It goes without saying, but we’ll say it again: Good hip-hop abounds in Salt Lake City. 2007 releases by MindState emphasize intelligent lyrics, experimental beats and production value that’s nothing to fuck with”

“hip-hop with cross-over appeal—smoking soul and with rapid-fire rhymes”

“Call the Cops beauty lies in its simplicity. Instead of confounding wordplay, Dusk 1 relies on pure energy to keep the flow going”