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Dubious Ranger / Press

"Comparisons to Beck are spot on and their sexy sound could be from the 1990s, on the soundtrack to "Cruel Intentions."

"Wow... really special... there is true credible substance in this man's music."

“4/5 Stars”

"[Covers EP Butchers Volume 1 is] a nice visit back to some of the records we've all shared a moment with at some point - and a great homage to some of the artists that have influenced Dubious Ranger along the way"

“[New album Uneasy Truce At The Watering Hole], an eclectic mix of rock, dance beats, perplexing and fascinating lyrics mixed with a distinct Bowie-meets-Pavement sound, will surely make an impact not only on the band’s native Bay Area scene but nationally as well”

“4 Stars”

"Impressive... sexy... [and] incredibly ballsy."

“Dubious Ranger revels in playfully contorting anything they can get their hands on, and doing it in an unconventional yet classy way, without losing the thrill of a first listen to Bowie”

“Potent, pulsing rock ‘n’ roll that’s heavily influenced by David Bowie and perfect for an all-night boogiethon.”

“'Wow' is all I can say... great stuff!”

KSKI Radio, 103.7 FM

“I’ve fallen in love with the song 'Weapon' by Dubious Ranger”

“8.8/10.0 Rating -- I have a feeling there is much dancing going on at any one of their gigs”

“Dubious Ranger hearken back to the days of Zappa... repeated listens will surely reward those that are skeptical of Dubious Ranger’s lofty ambitions... a successful concept album”

“8.2/10.0 Rating -- Entertaining as hell... Full of surprises... Witty tongue and cheek lyrics that had me smirking all the way through”

"A genre-hopping acid-trip of an album that goes all over the place... with one foot in David Byrne-ville and the other in Ozomotly country"

“A unique if not eclectic collection of songs that are fun and full of energy and beg to be danced to.”

"[Weapon is a] tremendous song...back in the mid 80's this would have ruled the airwaves."

Dan Herman - Radio Crystal Blue

“If you like David Bowie or Talking Heads... you're sure to like San Francisco's Dubious Ranger. Featuring a tingy mix of dance-punk, acid-rock and prog, their new album Uneasy Truce at the Watering Hole is a freakout on a CD.”

"San Francisco's answer to Franz Ferdinand, with a wild west twist."

"Eccles' songs are... interesting, challenging, often amusing and always out there."

"If someone can tell me what the hell this band is thinking, then I'll give you a virtual thumbs-up."

Confessions of a Music Addict