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Druzu / Press

“hey man i'm from Mobile, Al., and i just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me.i have sold enough drugs and done enough crap to call myself a king pin, but i wanted to change and the song that you spit in called push sent chills up and down my body!!!everything you spit i could relate to, AND I JUST WANT YOU TO PRAY FOR ME, THAT I AM MAN ENOUGH TO MAKE THAT CHANGE.peace mayne! KRAZ 1”

islerjeremy05 - YouTube

“ "Definitely one of my favorite tracks man.. P.U.S.H by @VonWon feat @daflamethrowa & @Druzu. 1 Thessalonians 5:17" - Gabe Mejia (Twitter) "@Druzu yo gud work on p.u.s.h. wut else u got out there"”

Jason Marro - Twitter

"@daflamethrowa Come on Doc, ya'll can't b killin tracks like that, lol. Love the video, and ya boy @Druzu is sic wit it. @VonWon is a beast"

Mike L - Twitter