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Dru B Shinin' / Press

“The man born Andrew McCullough roars out of the gate on this, his first full-length since 2010's Dirty Money Painting (although there's also been a steady torrent of EPs and singles in the interim). Dru B Shinin' -- working with producer EyeJay the Boy -- blends live instrumentation alongside smart samples (opening track American Rap Verses makes effective use of Madonna's Frozen), demonstrating his knack for appealing hooks and blisteringly fast rhymes. The inaugural effort from the recently opened SMG Sound in the Stockyards, All-American is the latest salvo from Fort Worth's burgeoning hip-hop scene, which is fast becoming one of the state's most vibrant.”

“The juxtaposition of the slightly shady with the spiritual is the basis for Dirty Money Painting. It is “beautiful and intellectual, but it’s also a picture of dirty money,” he said. “I’ve made a lot of that, and I want my music to be relatable.” Dru hits an entirely different note with “Heaven in the Sky,” an emotional musing on how we persevere through unthinkable tragedies. In all of the songs on his album, Dru shows off his penchant for multisyllabic rhymes and unique approaches to vocal rhythms.”

“This Fort Worth MC embraces the notion of music without boundaries. It's a notion reinforced by the guest list on this eight-track EP, meant as a palate cleanser after last year's Dirty Money Painting. The man born Andrew McCollough recruited from the pop-rock corner of town, enlisting singer-songwriter Luke Wade and Phantom Caste's Paul Cooksey to pitch in on a few tracks here, but the focus wisely remains on McCullough's laid-back flow and the smart, stylish production overseen by EyeJay the Boy. Throw this in your car and good luck prying it loose from the stereo.”

“All you need to know about Fort Worth rapper Dru B Shinin' is right there in his rhymes: "I got my nose to the grind/And my head to the sky," spat the TCU grad on his 2010 full-length album, Dirty Money Painting. That grind is unceasing -- the man who grew up as Andrew McCullough in Topeka, Kan., rarely lets up. His output (albums, EPs, videos, live performances) is prodigious, even in a genre known for its necessary, steady flow of new material. Plus, Dru B Shinin' is armed with a ferocious ambition. Name another local artist -- in any genre -- that could deliver a polished mini-movie based on one of his albums. Dru did just that earlier this month: In collaboration with director/editor Sean Humanity, the Korean-American rapper released an ambitious, two-part, 30-minute short film based on the eight-track 2010 EP The Admission One. That collection preceded his full-length, November's Dirty Money Painting. (You can find both halves of the film at dfw.com/music.) ”

"Read Dru's Full Write up from DFW.COM! http://www.dfw.com/2011/04/27/443204/dfwcom-shows-some-under-the-radar.html

“Although Dru calls Admission One “colorful and happy,” it has those characteristically rough hip-hop edges, which are tempered by Eye-Jay’s melodic backing vocals. In “Out of My Mind,” Dru emulates a mind-set of violent insanity. On the album’s opener, “Lace My Strings,” he makes many references to illegal hustling activity. He’s not ashamed to rap openly about the normally hush-hush parts of his experience. Making it from day to day is not always an ideal picture.”

“Read Dru's Full Write up in the Fort Worth Weekly! http://www.fwweekly.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4266:dru-b-shinin&catid=38:music&Itemid=399”

“Dru B Shinin’s beats snap and clap in the favored style of straight-up, low-ridin’ gangsta rappers everywhere, though his lyrics are anything but that. Yes, he boasts and toasts, but he’s more concerned with family and the working class than your average G.”