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D R ii V E N / Press

"We therefore invite young musicians of talent to conduct a sustained observation of all noises, in order to understand the various rhythms of which they are composed, their principal and secondary tones. By comparing the various tones of noises with those of sounds, they will be convinced of the extent to which the former exceeds the latter. This will afford not only an understanding, but also a taste and passion for noises."

- Luigi Russolo (1913) - ...

"The digital revolution is over."

Nicholas Negroponte (1998) - ...

“sounds like a sharper more electronic version of boards of Canada. i like it”

Gus Mays - Baltimore, Maryland

“‎"Step One" did it for me!:-) Could just about see the lights of the Mother Ship illuminating, as the engines fired up, time warp ahead and "Driven"”

Shelia McQuillan - L.S. Dixon Enterprises LLC Scott Dixon Inc

“Some powerful moments in the music. Very nice and relaxing! Love and hugs......xoxox”

Blackie Steele - up in Ottawa.

“Driiven! Really, who can tell by listening what someone is like, I guess you sort of can, but this is what I'd expect to hear, thoughtful, carefully crafted music, and found samples and spoken word, intelligent music just as you presented live man! So having seen the real you, I also hear the real you, and it's wonderful!”

Phil Ogison