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Dreamkiller / Press

“Christy's amazing spot on vocals, combined with Tian's harmonies and blazing guitar work, proved once again, why this multi-award winning band is one of the Carolina's favorites.”

“Amazing! Paramore came to mind. Halestorm. I want to get them with Roger Hale with Halestorm. I can see her as a singer tomorrow in Nuclear Cowboyz if she wants to. We have Supercross coming up this year. Definitely theatrical. Very attractive and she’s got her show down pat.”

“Dreamkiller stole the show! All in all, very talented singer. Very talented band.”

“Being a singer myself, I always look forward to listening to other female singers and I hate being disappointed. I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t at all. I definitely love Christy’s voice. Great presence from her and everyone else in the band. Love the vocal harmonies as well. If we ever get the chance to play in North Carolina, I would love to share the stage with you guys.”

“I really liked the second track [All Or Nothing]. I thought the first song was great; The second track ‘Wow this is better’; The third track was really better and it just got better and better and better. I agree, they stole the show. Great performance. You can really see just how much of a character that lead singer is. She’s got a lot of personality.”

“I was impressed with Dreamkiller. The other thing that really impressed me is they actually contacted me on Facebook and said ‘Hey, we’re coming out. Hope to see you. Hope to meet you.’ That meant a lot to me. I can’t think of any other band that did that. They were the only ones that contacted me and we actually responded back and forth and kudos. Unbelievable set. I see great things for this band.”

"I see this band doing very well for themselves in the future...their musicianship is sleek and the guitars are driven by pure, raw power. Christy Johnson has a very strong voice and her voice boasts of an impressive range."

"This quartet creates a very tight sound that powerfully compliments Christy's vocals and together the group delivered a performance that felt as though it could transport you to a mystical place."... "Johnson is a dynamic performer onstage with enormous power behind her vocals."

"When Dreamkiller started setting up I wondered if they would be able to duplicate their music live...they did indeed manage...They have a unique sound and when you hear their songs, you know right away that you are listening to Dreamkiller."

“Dreamkiller is well worth the ticket price. I enjoyed the show so much that I actually felt undercharged. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.”

"Show people and consummate professionals. Yet edgy and brimming with unbounded energy." "They dont go halfway with style, this band."

Jordan Green - News Editor - Yes! Weekly Magazine

"It's little wonder that this band created music that defied genres." "This band deserves your attention."

Jason Frahm - Editor - Focus Magazine

"...Lyrically sound and commercially viable these songs work well...through the substance of the material and the purity and honesty of her tone, Christy's performance additionally awards [them] the essential edge necessary to draw the attention of the music industry."

"They are an energetic band and they are as much fun to listen to as they are to watch."

Eugene Sims - DJ/Host - Rock 92