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Draize Method / Press

“Draize Method “Now More Than Never” Been listening to this for a few months now and every time I throw it on two things come to mind. Old School and Skate Rock. Just the way I like it. Not that Emo shit they call Skate Rock now days. Could easily imagine these songs being on one of the early Thrasher Comps. Musically tight and Dan’s Vocals fit perfectly, not to mention Andy Patterson does a great job behind the board, Raw but just enough production to make it sound great at max volume. I’d compare it to Suicidal Tendencies, Los Olvidados maybe The Faction, only because it has that feel not that they necessarily sound like them. Oh Yeah, it includes an Angry Samoans cover, so you know where they’re coming from. Best CD I’ve heard so far this year. ”

“I have absolutely hated these guys for almost 30 years now. they are way too loud and have no respect for the others in the neighborhood.”

Todds neighbor - washington terrace newsletter

“Draize Method "Now More than Never" Slamming out legit hardcore,literally from the ’80s,Draize Method and their onstage socks n’ sandals represent a bygone era that has come back to haunt us. The band namely hashes out D-beat punk with natural, mid-level vocal aggression and thrashy chugs, such as in “Fear.” They do, however, add an Agent Orange-esque element in “Myself” and “Mantra,” where vocalist Dan Fonoti sings in a ghostlike voice and then breaks into throaty wailing. Guitarist Todd Kirk adds in some melodic metal elements to his riffing on “Inside,” which demonstrates that Draize Method are seasoned musicians who take on the unpretentious tenets of punk, but inject their songs with shots of rock n’ roll prowess. “Huddled Masses” slows the pace, but Fonoti takes this as an opportunity to bellow harder, and allow Kirk to bust out some dirty leads. “Look Out!” is my favorite track. This release pulverizes and Draize Method rules live,so get this!”

"Fuck you and all you believe...I'll die before I live on my knees..!" Yeah that’s pretty much how the new album from Draize Method opens. It’s a punch to the eye that you knew was coming and yet you stood there with yourheadphones on, smiling and waiting for it.The Draize boys from Ogden have quietly been taking their vitamins for a decade and training in a dirty meat locker in Hooper just waiting for you to let your guard down. They don’t disappoint either.. The new album "Now More Than Never" is a mix of classic tracks (that should trigger the smell of the underside of a viaduct and sweaty leather) and a bunch of new tracks that make you wonder why you had to wait this long to feel this furiously happy again. “Huddled Masses” is playing in the background and I know that somewhere on some night, in a parking lot, a kid is playing this song alone in a car with not enough gas to really get away from his/her “O-Town” and change the world....Yet... 'Die Tryin' kid.

Fischbox Anderson - White Rabbit Army press