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Down By My Sins / Press

“Gregory Swanson..... a multi-instrumentalist influenced by European power-metal bands backed up by orchestras, which explains the grander-themed lyrical content. As a self educated singer, he names Michael Kiske of Helloween as his biggest influence, with belts of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson bursting through. Gregory's grinning, positive energy and his undeniable passion for the form that makes him a fiery frontman and a powerful musical performer by anyone's standards, is undoubtedly the grandiose-theme anchor of Down By My Sins.”

Mia Wu - Reverb Nation

“Review of DOWN BY MY SINS live at the Public Assembly, Thursday, April 4, 2012. Under the auspices of a full moon, Down By My Sins arrives at a venue whose disturbingly generic, industrial name ominously sets the stage for the Dark Age sonorifics. For the good people of Empire City who arrived early, that clear, bright evening bestowed an extra healthy double-dose of concept-oriented metal. After a brief pitstop, our fellow sinners, being Rocker Al on Battle-Axe, Gregory Swanson the Vox,Pete Malvese on Infrasonics, and Pat Squid on Batterie, proceeded to deliver us all into visions of blood-soaked battlefields of medieval violence, the savage, yet fitting demise of a Roman emperor-despot, and a brutally realistic introspection into the self defeating machinations of our own human folly. The Down boys strolled onto the stage with the confidence of a band whose time has come and played as if they were filling a stadium with tidal waves of furious magnificence.”

“A review of the metal band Down By My Sins performance, Saturday, May 22nd, 2010. Written by Luis Alarcon On first inspection, a soundcheck. Whether referential to the purposeful event- What matters is that it happened. The constituency is as basic as animal survival: guitar, bass, drums and the voice. Lurking ears are sparse, but present and waiting. Upon further inspection, details begin to emerge... With a solid understanding of what makes balls-to-the-wall metal, "Rocker Al" as he prefers to be called, is a natural-born showman of the classic guitar-god mold while still managing to maintain a warm, affable, Everyman composure. Interspersed with the tried and true rock guitar leads is an exploratory hold and sample technique on his travels up the fretboard, punctuated by an occasional high register burst, a distinguishing characteristic. This and his steady, persistent crunch provides the red-hot engine which drives the concept-oriented framework of Down By My Sins.”

Luis Alarcon - Reverb Nation

“OFFICIAL DOWN BY MY SINS PRESS RELEASE Think ‘Screamin' for Vengeance album,’ meets " Painkiller" and some of metal's greatest classic recordings come to mind. But in the realm of metal, it's been a long time since there was a band that has managed to balance thought-provoking lyrics with metallic thunder. Since 2007, DOWN BY MY SINS has been one of New York City's premier power metal bands, playing such instant classics such as ‘Dragon Slayer of the Apocalypse’ ' A Tale of Seven Seas' 'The Creeping Death of Transylvania,' 'Medieval Violence,' and arena-rocking anthems such as “We Don't Know," “World Denial,” and “The Curse of the Roman Legions". To get a taste of DOWN BY MY SINS go to http://www.youtube.com/downbymysins http://www.myspace.com/downbymysins1 http://www.facebook.com/downbymysins http://www.twitter.com/dow”