Douglass Thompson / Press

“Oh Douglass...how I love thee....I love to read and every one of your songs is like a 3 minute audio book. You are a true storyteller/songwriter/singer and one of the coolest people I know.”

She D'Ambrosio, program director - mydaddyoradio.com

"Doug is the best songwriter in Charlotte, folks. I hate his guts, but he's the best."

Chuck "Charlyhorse" Johnson

“I wanna say thank you for advocating real American music with your storytelling songwriter skills. You were a delight and we will see very much more of yall in the future. If you're a fan of genuine story telling do check out Douglass Thompson... Keep doing your thing and inspire ole hayseeds like me.”

Jason Mater Robinson - Outlaw Magazine

“I like listening to music that makes me look up from what I'm doing every few minutes and say "Oh damn....that's a good line!" If you like that feeling too, you need to check out Douglass Thompson. ”

Sara Corbin-Clumsy Guitar Goddess - singer-songwriter

"it's hard as songwriters to come up with a "totally original" idea,however;with Peckinpah and Ford you managed to do that,loved the line,"demons around the folding chair"...i usually hate strings, but it worked on this song!"

Mike McGuire - songwriter

"Doug! I really, really like your stuff. Smart, fireside-chatty, enviable baritone. Any argument we'd have over great songwriters would be a short conversation!"

Dan Weir - film maker/musician

"I'm loving the stuff you are putting out there... great work Doug. Alternative, cool, and folk/Americana with soul..."

Michael "The Beast" Bestul - guitarist

"...'American' music in the best sense of the word...Doug is a clever,gracious,and engaging performer in the john prine/steve goodman vein"

Bonni Miller - Chez Marche

"'Scab Angels' is such a great song it grabbed me right away and held on I also am very fond of 'Man in the Moon'. You sir are the real thing- stripped down, unpretensious, and honest wordplay of the highest order... "

Charlie Roth - songwriter