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Dope Logic* an AnTones Production / Press

“I like your music and the longer it stays in play, the more I like it!!”

Dennis a fan - Numberonemusic.com

“like this...music is sensational.. you could actually, not be bored with it...it gets you up!!!...tremendous stuff!!!!...wow ”

Scott - Numberonemusic.com

“Hi, I'm totally broke at the moment and seeking new job but i'll buy your album when i get back on my feet b/c i want to support you and your music!!! may god guide you and hold you by the hand to the right path in life . i wish u the best in your years to come”

Anonymous fan - Numberonemusic.com

“hello out there...i'm so glad i found your music on n1m recently and that's all becuase of my friend who shared your Dream Walker with me. I'll check your other pages for more music asap and send you my fb like.”

Terry a fan - Numberonemusic.com

“hi Im really enjoying listening to your music.:) I will spread the word around to all my friends. Where I can find more? I'll send my like to you fb page or just add me see ya Roshel”

Roshel a fan - Numberonemusic.com

“Hi, I DO like your music and I think it's really unique not like the other mainstream sounds on the radio & tv today, wish you much success and my respect! Dennis”

Dennis a fan - Numberonemusic.com

""Dream Walker" - The best ever made! Love it to pieces Keep on & ON janet"

Janet a fan - Numberonemusic.com