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Don Worden / Press

“The Road - Another Gem, From Mr Don Worden , I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, You are one of very few left, still making records Like This . Very Inspirational My Friend , Love the Chorus.”

Jon Allen Edwards - OurStage musician and Singer-Songwriter

“July Monthly OurStage Prize Winners Published by mikelmccavana on August 4, 2011 in OurStage Updates Tags: predictor prize, ourstage winners, grand prize, channel prize At the end of each month, OurStage awards prizes to the top-ranked artists in a diverse array of genres. Congratulations to the following talented artists for harnessing their fan power and topping the charts in their respective genres! And remember, keep judging if you want to help your favorite win big next month. They can’t do it without you! Grand Prize Winners Top-ranked artists in the seven finals channels win $1,000 to go toward recording their next album, funding their next tour, getting new gear or anything else to take their career to the next level! Country Winner: Don Worden – “No Goin’ Back Home Again“ A quietly beautiful country ballad in 3/4, this tune is ideal for the lost and broken-hearted listener. It nails the “tear in your beer” feeling, without being over-the-top or”

“Hi Don I've really been paying attention to your lyrics and you are a very prolific songwriter, One of the best!!! That, combined with a great voice and wonderful instrumentation = a winning combination. Besides that, you are so kind and helpful to everyone and I'm proud to call you my friend God, Bless you, Bonnie ”

Bonnie McGill - ReverbNation fan and Singer-Songwriter

“Sometimes In The Night - The AIR between molecules of sound on the tape is perfect! This one defines a genre. The lyrics and your delivery are impeccable, great job. And the choice of instruments is almost Classical in it’s production...each instrument does EXACTLY what is needed to showcase your voice & lyrics. Y'All did good!!!”

John Latch - ReverbNation musician and fan

“Since 1989 -Really great Bluegrass arrangement; Phenomenal story song.”

John Latch - ReverbNation musician and fan

“Seven Wonders - class in every instrument, every fill, every lead. The lyrics, vocal, and instruments weave together to make listening to this one a joy; also I love the tag and steel at the end. ”

John Latch - ReverbNation musician and fan

“I don't know if it was the key changes or just pushing to get the best, but it's really, really strong. It is a great front to great songs! The structure of the songs, the musicianship, arrangements, sooo good. Sometimes in the night is killer. A real haunting song that held me for the duration.”

The Ben Gordon Band - ReverbNation musician and fan

“- Did You Ever? - I love the mix on this. The guitar and steel intro is CLASS, pure & simple. Your vocals are stronger than ever, and they balance well in this song. Overall, this is 1st class Country/Folk.”

John Latch - ReverbNation musician and fan

“Cold Rain - I want to work this one up and start doing it at coffee houses! Another great Sugar Hill impression on a strong song. The guitar solo is awesome and so is the steel”

John Latch - ReverbNation musician and fan

“Congrats Don! Proud to have been able to work with you on this! By the way for all those commenting on the Harmony vocals,on No Goin' Back Home Again That's Jessie Key and she is absolutely AMAZING! by Allen Layman on Oct 31, 2009 at 12:32 AM EDT”

Allen Layman - OurStage

“I really enjoyed listening to your music. My favorite, indefinitely, would have to be Hell's Waiting. You're style is wonderful and rarely do you hear "Real" country music. You've really brought back the essence of the Western/Southern sound in your songs. Keep up the great work!”

Artist - Mel Latimer - Reverbnation Comments