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Don DeVlieger Jr / Press

“inspired, hard, wonderful, energizing, beautiful, the words are coming now but still they are just words. Anxious to hear the whole thing through so I can take it in.”

Jeannie Bolt - Bolt Construction Co.

“I'm still trying to breath, I don't know what I expected but your music is so much more than I was ready for.”

Jeannie Bolt - Bolt Construction Co.

“Are you kidding me! I had no clue he had it in him... Don hits 3 or 4 genres and does fine at it!”

DJ Fakes - Fun Fakes

“Sweet sounds of classic rock to country to easy on the ears instrumentals and more.. It's all here for all to dig into!”

PJ Evergreen - Pam's Reviews

“So many great songs of all styles from Don's twisted & sorted past; you'll find something you'll love in his collection for sure!”

Me - of Course - My News Week Journal