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DogState / Press

“The whole album has a touch of all that was good about grunge rock. Opening track Never Enough has more than a bit of Even Flow about it in the opening riff and Heartbreaker and Black 13 hark back to Alice In Chains at their best with slightly heavier, slower groove. Not that grunge is the only influence of course, with toe-tapping hard rock ‘n’ roll being represented by Gallows (Fall In Line), Colt and stand-out track Last Chance. I Fall has an opening riff that reminds me of Nothing by A, and is therefore brilliant on every level! If you’re assuming that the album must sound dated you’re wrong – it sounds very contemporary and polished throughout, with a nice chunky-sounding bass (I do love a good chunky bassline) and superb mature vocals. Album closer Eye On You finishes it off beautifully with it’s extended outro. Listen to this album, then listen to it again. And again. I bet you’ll like it more with every listen.”

“Dogstate fuse rock, blues and punk with the passion and aggression of a band with intentions. High energy jams kicking rock to the masses and the band sound focused on making this happen with every beat of their drum. If you've listened to their EP then you'll know exactly what you're getting.........this time there are 12 tracks of bludgeoning genre spreading loudness to pull you through. The band still sound like an amalgamation of styles but pull it off with ease to become their selves. The Cult seeps through via the coolness and Astbury style vocals, as does the grunge melody of Pearl Jam and together they breed their seeds of togetherness all over this album. Throw the odd Zep influence and a slight Southern swagger and you've got yourselves a smorgasbord of genuine rock 'n' roll hoochie coo. The excellent 'Colt', 'Never Enough' and 'I Fall' are all back to bring some already firm fan favourites to the forefront of this raucous debut full-length disc. The vocals of Rich Garcia”

“9 – Dogstate – Let It Loose These guys described their sound as ‘Stripper Music’ to me followed up by a big dirty laugh. I think they’re selling themselves short as fans of Danzig, The Cult, Led Zep and Soundgarden will find things to like in here. Josh Homme would cut off his right arm for a riff like “Gallows” right now.”

“The Water Rats, Kings Cross supporting Steve Conte - 'there was no androgyny on stage tonight – just showmanship – a vintage ‘Stonesy’ swagger that managed to echo the cream of classic & hard rock cult without slavishly imitating influences.' 'classic heavy rock in flagrante delicto with drums riding the bass riding the guitar while vocals surf the crest. '”

“'When it comes to loud, fast and dare I say, toxic rock n’roll – hard rockers can rely on London-based (as hard as they come) rock band, DOGSTATE to deliver by the monsta-truck load.'..'' A nip of whisky warm slide-y guitar entices you into PWGG while the humble harmonica opens the saloon doors to SOUTHERN SONG before cannonballing onto your senses with the force of a very large man in hobnail boots.'”

“To give the music a scenario, you’ve just stepped into an American biker bar, Dogstate comes on the jukebox, and suddenly you find yourself with two cold beers in each hand, and being mobbed by at least three scantily clad women. I won’t say no to that!”

“There is great diversity shown over the four tracks on War Baby. I’ve played it over and over and there are memorable hooks that embed themselves into your brain on first listen, sound better on each play and i’m looking forward to hearing more material from the London based band in 2012. .....10/10!”

“It’s instantly apparent that this is a tight act, doubtless honing their skills with much practice in the assorted sleazy rock bars of London. DogState have set themselves a high standard to maintain. If they keep it up, no doubt they’ll be appearing regularly in classic rock press as a burgeoning new favourite. ”

“Dogstate are reminiscent of Orange Goblin, with a barrage of full on rock to throw at you whilst remaining just anthemic enough to hook you in on the choruses.”

“Coming on like Black Spiders without the glint of cheekiness in their eyes, these seasoned musicians have crafted 17 minutes of metal that is hopefully a precursor to a debut album. ”