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Doc Holladay and Tombstone / Press

"Like Yesterday" -this track is one of the best that I've heard in years. All of the elements that are used put it in the category of an amazing production. You must have an amazing team of producers writers and singers to produce such an amazing song....I love this song and I think this all can make it to the top. This is one that people will love for ages in my opinion. Keep up the good work..

ReverbNation Crowd Review

"Good Stuff"

Jon Bon Jovi - Facebook

"Doc showed new depth to an already amazing musical soul on the Performing Writer stage this past Wednesday evening. His performance at Tootsie's in honor of Lorna Flowers was also breathtaking. He is the real deal and and we feel honored and blessed every time we hear him." -Performing Writer Showcase

Performing Writer

“I'm Still Here - "This song is extremely personal and heart warming. This guy isn't afraid to let people know that they all have a purpose. Also his vocals are amazing. There should be more songs like this, in every genre. I would suggest this song to others. A lot of people need to hear this song. Definite hit.””

Crowd Review, ReverbNation

“Worse Ways to Die - "This song is perfect for every country lover. It genuinely made me cry. The storytelling is brilliant. This song will be a hit in the Country genre, maybe even crossover. It's that good." -”

ReverbNation Crowd Review

"Not Your Fault....I'm such a fool for songs with great lyrics like this one. Reminds me of "Little Girl" by Tim McGraw and EVERYBODY loves Tim McGraw. Melody and instrumentation are just right and the guitar solo is perfect. I'm singing along already and don't want this song to end. Can I download this like NOW?"

ReverbNation Crowd Review

“I'm Still Here-"The guitar is hauntingly beautiful. A perfect song for remembering lost loved ones. The song speaks to you from the beyond. Enjoy the melody and visual relaxing pictures this song places in your head. Its not often you come across a song that seems like a dearly departed is singing it to you. Completely wonderful song.” Crowd Review, ReverbNation”

Crowd Review, ReverbNation

“In my crazy music career I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented and notable musicians/writers/producers, etc. Let me just say, Doc Holladay is the real deal. He not only a prolific writer but also an amazing musician. -Brandon Reid Allen”

Brandon Reid Allen - Online comment

“Thanks so much for your beautiful touching performance last night. One suggestion for next time: have a kleenex disclaimer ...or a hankie alarm. : ) ”

Rosmary D - Private Correspondence

“ "I'm gonna have to go to a meeting and stand up and say 'I'm Karen and I'm a Docaholic! Just listened to Dirty Water.... off the chain! That music gets my motor runnin.... lyrics are flawless too. I've had it on repeat and listened 9 times. I am addicted to this friggin trac!" Karen Staley- Hit songwriter”

Private correspondence

"Doc has the best Pompadour in Nashville!" Dave Rude - TESLA

Dave Rude - private correspondence


Frankie Banali-- Quiet Riot/ Billy Idol - private correspondence

"Hey Doc, loved "Closing Time" some nice slide there, tight, nice lyrical story line, your first class man!" Rob Owen, acclaimed Alternative / Acoustic Rock artist- Santa Cruz, CA

Rob Owen - reverbnation

"Girls In Cammo is FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paisley is a moron if he doesn't cut this......but there are several Paisley wannabes that will jump at it too. I love your voice on it to !!! Not only is it a hit at radio but obviously a theme for some kind of hunting TV show or endorsement. You hit this one out of the park bro !!" Karen Staley -- Hit Songwriter for Faith Hill, Reba, Trick Pony, George Jones, Tracy Byrd

Karen Staley - private correspendance

"Hi Doc, Dirty Water is Awesome my friend! Had to share this on my page and in a friend of mines group called Music Mans' Daughter...thanks for this one !" Deadwater Monk - Artist/Writer - Texas

reverbnation artist comment

“ "Dirty water... I am the gypsy...love it!" Sophie-Liesl Leeds, UK Acclaimed Pop / Soul and Blues artist.”

Sophie-Liesl - reverbnation