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DJ Bolo / Press

“I don't do it for money, I do it for the love of music!! Hip-Hop is my life!!”

DJ Bolo

“sickest beats ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 stars”

RodentRecords - RodentRecords

“You have a good ear for music.”

Skitzeric24 - Skitzeric24

“Yes! You sound like 2Pac's long lost producer! I love how you put those guitars and real soundin' instruments. Skitzeric24 is right! Bless!”

NoTaS3 - NoTaS3

“I Ain't Never Heard Music this Great!...Shit I had ta use tha double negative.lol.”

AnusDatONE - AnusDatONE

“The DJ that turned MC!! One of the hottest Rappers right now!!”

Fans - Higher Caliber Productions