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Disquiet / Press

"Disquiet Is All About The Chemistry" Click on "Dirty Water News" for the full story

“You are getting a great sound. My wife stumbled on to you and we became fans”

Jim Rose - The Jim Rose Circus

“Amazing Album, If your tired of the repetitive music thats bombarding the music scene today, Disquiet is a refreshing break. From start to end, this album features highly original tunes and is one I cant stop listening to. If you appreciate music in any sense- you must have this album!”

“Awesome music, great lyrics, definitely worth buying! If you get a chance, see them live! They put on a really good show!”

“I have been following the band Disquiet since before they were Disquiet. Born from ashes of lead singer Jonas Boinay's previous band Sliver, Disquiet takes Boinay's signature sound and adds a slick new direction in the form of guitarist/keyboardist Jon Mcgurn and Brazillian drummer Dirceu Periera, that retains much of the indie flavor, but pushes far beyond, in grand, open minded path that never gets to full of itself. Disquiet's debut album, April Distance is chock full of catchy, lyrically expressive songs, which are balanced out by the emotive ballads that echo much of Boinay's earlier work. The album, mixed and recorded by Enoch Jensen (Alice Cooper, Kings Of Leon, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatis) is the culmination of a two year journey, and is well worth the wait!”

“Oddly enough, Disquiet is a band at its best when it's quiet. At the beginning of the CD, and in a number of later interludes and "reveries," the band discards its penchant for pop-rock of the radio-ready, heavily saturated and triumphant variety and embraces a love for soundscapes and subtle ambience. It's not that their soaring pop moments aren't big-hearted, it's simply that it is in those moments that Disquiet plays by the usual rock rules, piling big chords and delay-drenched guitars up underneath slower-moving vocals, the whole propelled by the expected bass-snare underpinning. When things get weirder, Disquiet seems like a different band, creating hair-raising textures with odd sounds and heavily affected vocals. That Disquiet may well portend some truly intriguing things down the line. In the meantime, this is a solidly played and highly polished debut. Stay tuned.”