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“Dirty Paris are one of those bands whose sound is going to be timeless, they don’t fit in with one particular period in music and that’s what makes it so awesome – you could have been listening to this 20 years ago but equally it still sounds just as good in the modern day.”

“ THE musical talents of Shoalwater musician Ross Woodhams and his band Dirty Paris are soon to emerge from their near-completed album recently recorded in London. Dirty Paris has been working in collaboration with producer Stevie Lange, who has worked with a number of internationally recognised artists including Elton John and Def Leppard. Fronted by singer/songwriter Woodhams, Dirty Paris is “finely tuned” with the sounds of Mick Marshall on bass, Casey Newbold-Kerr and Enzo Almanzi playing guitar and Bongo Keating adding to the energy on drums. The album, yet to have a cemented title, is a mix of love songs described by Woodhams as “a rock mix with country influences incorporated by the band’s producer”. The band spent four weeks over the New Year in London recording seven from 10 album tracks and expect the album to be completed in upcoming months.”