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Diebomb / Press

"Doom Music" is certainly an appropriate title for the album. This is heavy, hard-driving metal that opens up with crushing force, never relenting until the fading of the very last chord. Though the production can feel a bit unpolished in spots, that's really only due to the fact that the album is a completely independent venture by the artists. Dark and aggressive, the sound communicates hatred and destruction in a way that goes beyond just one individual's personal gripes with the world. Doom Music successfully evokes the sheer hopelessness of the last days of humanity, as well as the fury of the internal and external forces drawing the world to a close. If you're already familiar with the North Carolina metal scene, you'll find the same high quality that you've come to know and love. A solid choice for fans of Hardcore, Death, Black, and/or Thrash Metal.

"Diebomb is a sick music project! Check out a show…buy some swag….rock the CD in your ride. It won’t be long before you can say “I knew Diebomb before they were huge”

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"One of the coolest, real, and honest bands out now. They have a sound that makes you want to listen to more, and the integrants of the band are way too humble, nice, and funny."

Dolce Vendetta Mag