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Devonera / Press

“DEVONERA ... have delivered a metal album that showcases great musicianship and strong song writing ability. The album has a lot of metal genres intertwined, with each element carrying its own section whilst working together to form and create a bloody good heavy metal album. DEVONERA are able to work each style and genre element seamlessly to form a song without it sounding misplaced or just being there for the sake of being there. Each section of a song works together to build and create, as does the album as a whole, even though you have these clear elements of heavy metal, thrash, power metal, prog, new wave of American heavy metal and rock all going on. ... with each new listen I was able to hear some new impressive section of a song that I hadn’t picked up before. This is definitely an album that you can listen to multiple times and still find yourself caught up in the many waves of brutal force, classic metal riffs and ballads.”

“This album to me personifies heavy metal in its truest sense, exceptional musicianship which is at times brutal, but contrasted by eloquent passages and strong melodic undertows, tight arrangements and soaring vocals. 'The Burning Gates' is everything that is good about the genre, the music respectfully pays homage to the masters but still manages to retain a modern and original edge. The songs themselves transcend through a diverse spectrum of musical styles ranging from beautiful, intricate musical passages to downright brutality but at all times manage to retain a balanced sense of cohesion. Heavy metal should be like this, bombastic one moment and then dissipate into beautiful melodies before tearing your head off again, and this album achieves exactly that.”

“Devonera were next to grace the stage and grace it they did. This band consisted of hard metal thrash vocals along with the up high vocals on power metal, this band definitely has a bright future ahead in the metal world and we wish them all the luck as they take to Sydney on November 10. The drumbeats left no fault in the rhythm section of this band along with two great guitarists who really know what they are doing and put some amazing solos in their songs. The vocals complimented the music of the band greatly and they had a really tight sound with not only more brutal elements of metal but also the tranquil harmonious riffs that make you gasp in awe. The band finished off a great set with the brutal but catchy and brilliant 'Severance'. Well done guys and great work, truly a great performance.”

Metal S.A.