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Deuce Tone Recordings / Press

“Inexpensive vocal recording $25 per hour one hour minimum. If you need to lay down quality vocals on some Phat Tracks I got you covered. Got Beats? Well if your looking we do, About a thousand original beats between me and a couple fellow producers. Hip Hop/R&B to Electronic Rock and Techno/Pop genres. Located in West Lawrence, KS. Email Me BDKerr11@yahoo.com or call Eight one six four 4 six 6 five six 7 and ask for Brett. Pics and samples to come! Software: Protools 8 HD ton of plugins Wavs, T-Racks, Abbey Roads many others, Reason 5, Ableton Live 8, FL Studio 11, Kontact VST Insurment, Adobe CS5 Suite, Final Cut Pro 7, Hardware: Mac Pro, M-audio 410 Firewire audio interface, Marshall V69 Magomi Edition Mic, Focusrite Trackmaster Pro, Art MPA Gold Tube amp w/ NOS tubes, Stereo DBX De-essers, Stereo DBX 231 EQ, DBX 160A Compressor, Lexicon MPX500 Reverb Effects, M-Audio BX5s, M-AudioAxiom 61, Isolation booth and pop screen, ”

Brett Kerr - Deuce Tone Recordings