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“Finding the right rock sound can be akin to stumbling across the Holy Grail. There’s so much crap out there masquerading as ‘rock’ with awful spangly, over-indulgent guitar, a penchant towards double-bass pedal on the drums as if it were an Olympic sport rather than an instrument and done-to-death riffs that your parents would remember. Not so Derecho. In Coffee And Disruption, the Cambridge-based quartet offer intelligently crafted and performed rock that is refreshingly new yet retains the familiar hallmarks of the best of the genre.”

"Derecho are like a musical A-Team" ... "They unleash blistering guitars, while the rhythm section drive the arrangement along. Jo’s vocal is best described as powerhouse. It’s no hold barred. " ... "'The Silence' closes Coffee and Disruption. From an understated arrangement, quickly, a pounding, melodic rock track unfolds. Flourishes of keyboards provide the perfect foil to Derecho, who become a power trio. Mike unleashes machine gun guitar licks. The drums have a “ratty” nineties sound and provide the heartbeat. Then there’s Jo’s vocal. It’s a mixture of emotion, energy and enthusiasm. She’s determined to close Coffee and Disruption on a high, and does so, with a slice of indie rock."

"Immediately, the word Rock comes to mind – and not in the loosey-goosey genre that’s used to describe any band that crawls out of a London sewer. This is the original stuff. No fancy effects pedals, loop machines or over the top wah-whas. Just rollicking (yes, I just used that word) guitar motifs and classic beefy bass riffs."

“...What's next for this Cambridge-based four piece rock band? Only time will tell. If more material like we have on "Coffee & Disruption" (from Blondie-driven punk like "Bystander" to the driving rhythms of eighties-vibe rocker "The Silence" this one has it all!) is in store then I welcome the opportunity to roll with this female-fronted rock outfit wherever they may choose to roam from this point out. You can hear the album for yourself at the link below and, as an added bonus, be sure to check out the video to the group's "The Silence" (featuring very cool keys that are splashed against rock and roll garage riffs!) right here (should you wish to see this band live and in living color!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osXiJgv49A0 Speaking of live and in living color, Derecho sure sound as if they keep a busy schedule (as far as playing live in concerned!) so, if you're on that side of the pond and all, be sure to check out this original rock and roll band for yourself. I know I would”

Andy - Heavy Metal Time Machine

“Ever heard from the band Derecho? It's time to listen into it. Finest UK Rock.”

Metall Schaedel

“If you like more airplay in Canada, please send the rest of the album. We have & love: Remembered, Void, and Silence.”

Steve Wey - Euphonius Radio

“@DerechoRock Got to admit you guys are doing some amazing music at the moment”

Kevin Mann - Krystal Radio

“Hello DERECHO, Bud here owner of Jam City America Radio. You had ask me to listen to your music, Its GREAT!”

Bud Burger - Jam City America Radio

“You have an excellent band. I am sure it is not the last we will hear from you. Keep on rocking!”

Shartnet Radio

“U guys are pretty awesome!! we'd love to have u participate w/ us!”

Chessboard Radio

“great song. Let move it on to the world.”

40foothole Studio

“Unique sound. Reminds me of a Rock Opera sound. I'm really liking it. :-) I am blown away!”

Tonica Taylor - Radio DJ on #Z95

“Thanks!!! U ROCK!!!”

“Seriously Thank you. Your music rocks and is going to play next!”