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Denise Barbarita / Press

““Soothing while seething, the siren sounds sweet before she smashes your boat to pieces. This is how I would sum up the sound of Denise Barbarita.””

Nikki Chipman - Northeast InTune Magazine

"Great music has this tendency to want to defy easy categorization while not desperately attempting to be all things to all people... Like all good art, the album and its resultant live set come from a deeply personal place – but a personal place that feels familiar and universal. How many of us have struggled through our moments of self-doubt and self-sabotage? Pushed, shoved and punched our way onto packed subway cars and buses like herded cattle to work as cubicle drones at jobs that eat away at our souls? Now what I have to say is this: live, the band is tight and they have a clean, polished sound. With some minor exceptions, it almost felt like listening to their album being recorded in front of me. As much as Barbarita’s soulful and at times seductive croon brought the lyrics to live, the backing band was the standout star of the night. Their ability to switch gears from brooding, atmospheric rock to bratty punk and soul could turn heads quick enough to get whiplash."

"When I got the chance to chat with Denise after the show, she commented that critics’ main complaint about her is that she needs to “pick a genre!” I found the group’s range to be their most impressive quality, though. To be good at a specific kind of music is great, but to me the true test of one’s musicianship is the ability to venture outside one’s comfort zone. Even if the execution isn’t perfect, I will always respect an artist who is willing to try new things. But Denise Barbarita and the Morning Papers do not simply try to do this; they completely aced that test. "

"A Beautiful Mess" Review (S/R - 2010) "Denise is an American singer songwriter, and hell does she write them. On her fourth long player already with a large-swelling reputation behind her, she should inevitably be building on it here. The material incorporates a swishy mixture of melodic indie pop, alt rock, prog, soul and occasional metal and grunge vibes scattered into every possible crevice small and large throughout the eleven numbers. Not someone to leave anything inexperienced, some interesting African sounds get in on later tracks, making for an even more diverse trip than we are having time to explore. Effeminately lush melodies and acoustic lines back up her powerfully young rich vocal range and most of the tunes on this album are sworn to become repeats first time around. A beautiful record, though more brilliant than messy. 8/10

“Review of "A Beautiful Mess" "The result is an appealing melange that could easily have been a soundtrack album and probably should be. It would probably have to be for a romantic comedy but whomever gets the rights to use the music first should count themselves lucky. I have heard few albums better suited for a film soundtrack.”

“Denise Barbarita & The Morning Papers – A Beautiful Mess (MyShyTune) "Happy working on either side of the mixing desk, producer-engineer-singer-songwriter Denise Barbarita may well be the archetype of a modern music artist; completely self-reliant and internet savvy. Her third ‘proper’ album follows on from her 2007 odds ‘n’ sods collection, and vocally brings to mind artists like Kate Bush and Tori Amos, though the atmospheric production and hinted at beats also follow an indirect line from Massive Attack and the Bristol collective. Her style isn’t easy to pigeonhole; “Suckers” is a monstrous, glammy electronic rock number with a sneery vocal and big hook, while “September Sun” might have appeared on a Swing Out Sister LP. It’s certainly a scattergun approach, but it’s no less likeable for that."”

“”“Hush Hush” is nothing to be quiet about. With a driving guitar and Barbarita's incredible vocals it's a song that nobody should be quiet about.With her sultry vocals once again titillating the music world Barbarita shows her musical growth and ability in her recent CD, Chaos and Congeniality. Thanks for the great music, Denise!””

-Kim Sweet, DJ - WRDL, 88.9 FM

“Denise Barbarita is a superior Rock chick, one who can take a stage and the audience will immediatly shut up. She’s a bad-ass, lit match that’s taking the indie music industry at full storm and won’t stop ‘til she’s unpluggged. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself...Denise is my monthly editor’s pick for July 2005”

-Heather Corcoran, Reviewer, - CoffeehouseTour.com

"There’s a feline quality about Denise Barbarita’s music, something wonderfully animalistic in the best sense of the word."

-Kevan Breitinger, Reviewer - Indie-Music.com

"That voice could take the lead in any rock opera".

-Jennifer Layton, Reviewer - Indie-Music.com

"Her performance was upbeat, energetic and crowd friendly. From the moment she set foot on stage, she made a connection with her audience and she held that connection right up to the final note of her set. Denise is an intelligent songwriter with a powerful voice and a solid wealth of material to back it up."

Paul Autry-Senior Editor, The Spotlight /Reviewer - Ballbuster Magazine