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Denali / Press

“Damn, this was really good.(Denali -Live Free Or Die) I WANT THIS AS MY RINGTONE!”

Kristen Meghan - sugardecoated.com

“ Denali!! Awesome to see you pushing thru!!! I am absolutely stoked for you!!!!!!!! And Todd!!! Amazing video!!! You should be editing in Hollywood!!! MO7S ”

MO7's - Monism Records

“I was a combat veteran in Afghanistan, 2nd Battalion 8th Marines, invasion of Helmand province in 2009. No shit this video gave me goose bumps man, you motivate me brother keep speaking the truth, you are doing more than you know.”

oorig0331 - YouTube

“cheers for ur message!!! thank you so much!!”

Ryo Morikawa - Reverbnation

“lyricism......that's rare.... excellent”

Cacophony - Reverbnation

“Hey your word mean more than just simple lyrics, The Nation needs to wake up and hear what people like you and me are trying to say! I hope your message reaches out and grabs people and shake their reality!”

Freestyle Rex Tapes - Reverbnation

“Look to the sky, is hot fire. Serious lyrics, real music. The kind this world needs. No more mainstream popcorn bubblegum BS. This is real music. Keep it banging DENALI.”

Mr. Holbrook - Reverbnation