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The Del Zorros / Press

“Del Zorros Evening: On Saturday, Dec.13, those residents seeking local social entertainment were not disappointed. Stede and his brother Monty performed wonderfully for us here in-house, delighting all with their original Christmas songs, and humorous storytelling, mingled in between their singing. Whoever did not attend really missed a rare treat! Those of us who did attend were thoroughly entertained. After responding to our requests for more, The Del Zorros left us in joyful anticipation of their next appearance here.”

Brenda Becker - Lake Ridge Commons, Golden Grapevine

“Part 4…Stede Del Zorro said the band’s name originated from an experience the brothers shared before they moved to Wilmington. “Del Zorro means ‘of the foxes,’” Stede Del Zorro said. “Back before we came down here, we were living in these cabins in Gloucester, Mass., and underneath the cabins, five baby foxes were born. So our band is ‘of the foxes.’” The Del Zorros said they hope for a big turnout for their Finkelstein’s concert. “The show’s family friendly,” Stede Del Zorro said. “All ages should enjoy themselves. Even the old folks should come on down. We’re still the whippersnappers here!” The Del Zorros will perform at Finkelstein Music Nov. 8 beginning at 11 a.m. Admission is free, and copies of the band’s latest album “Summer Fields Live” will be available for purchase. For more information, call 910-762-5662 or visit www.finkelsteins.com”

“Part 3…“We play a little of everything,” Stede Del Zorro said. “I play electric guitar and drums and all the rhythm instruments, and Monty plays guitar, bass and keyboard. All my electric guitars are four-string guitars, like a ukulele has — I can’t handle six strings.” Monty Del Zorro explained the ukulele is actually a relatively new instrument in the twins’ repertory. “We’ve only been playing about two years,” he said. “We got tired of lugging all that electricity around.” Monty Del Zorro described the band’s songwriting process as a team effort. “We both write the melodies,” he said. “Stede writes more of the lyrics, like 99 percent of the words. We can both write melodies all day long.””

“Part 2…“Stede and Monty have been coming in for the past 20 years or so now,” Hamelburg said. “They’ve bought ukes from me, and one day they approached me and said, ‘We’d like to do something with ukuleles here.’ And that’s where we got the idea.” Stede Del Zorro said Finkelstein’s is probably the real reason he and his brother moved to North Carolina. “We’ve bought a lot of our stuff there, and you couldn’t get a better bunch of people running a store,” he said. Stede and Monty Del Zorro say their musical history dates back to their childhood in Massachusetts. “We’ve been playing for 50 years. We invented the electric guitar!” Stede Del Zorro joked. “But really, we’ve been playing since we were 15 years old. We had the first rock n’ roll-pop band in our town.” The Del Zorros describe their musical style as a mix of The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and The Kinks, and play all the instruments on their recordings t”

“Part 1… This weekend, Finkelstein Music will play host to one of Wilmington’s more unusual musical acts — twin brothers playing original Americana-style folk songs exclusively on ukuleles. Saturday, Nov. 8, local independent recording artists The Del Zorros will play songs from their catalog, lead a ukulele clinic and give away a free ukulele, all in celebration of the release of their latest album, “Summer Fields Live.” “We just finished recording the album, and we’re having our official CD party at the concert,” said Stede Del Zorro. “The whole CD is really a kind of tribute to where we grew up, outside of Boston. Really takes us back to that flavor.” Finkelstein Music owner Bobby Hamelburg said the brothers are regulars at his store, which gave them the idea for the concert.”

“The Del Zorros sound like they’ve been locked in a bathroom since the late fifties, and stylistically they look like a Rutles tribute act (the irony of that statement isn’t lost on me…), but this twin brother combo from Boston certainly conjures up an authentically retro sound. While I’m not entirely convinced that it’s my cup of tea, there’s a pleasant kind of innocence to it that appeals. Musical inspirations are The Everly Brothers, The Beatles and other bands of that ilk.”

“The Del Zorros | Summer Fields A mix of influences as far and wide as the Everly Brothers and the Smothers Brothers (the folk side) helps shape the recordings of these twin brothers who make their home in North Carolina. Their light pop sound is perfect for Pure Pop Radio. We think you’ll fall in love with the nine numbers we’ve chosen from their latest album, Summer Fields, and added to the Pure Pop Radio playlist. The songs you’ll hear are “Heading North,” “Lanesville Rag,” “My Old Hometown,” “On the Pond,” “Our Little World,” “Some Days,” “Summer Fields,” “Sweet Dreams,” and “Til I See You Again.””

“Their song “Mrs. Santa Claus” reportedly got airplay on other stations at Christmastime and also on Internet radio overseas, with a British band even covering a song of theirs at one point. The brothers hope to return home to visit Lynnfield sometime soon and ideally play a gig in the area– possibly as early as this fall or winter. “Believe it or not, we’re dying to see some snow,” said Bowser. To learn more about The Del Zorros or to purchase their music, visit ReverbNation.com/delzorros, or look up the Del Zorros page on Facebook.com.”

“Before that, Leigh played first trombone and his brother played tuba in the school band. Leigh was also chosen as the male class artist in his senior yearbook, he added. To this day, many of the Del Zorros videos include some of Leigh’s artwork. In the 6th grade, the brothers got their first taste of playing to an audience when they were in a brass quartet with a couple of classmates. “That was what we wanted to do from that point on,” said Bowser. Looking back to LHS, Bowser particular cited the former music director, Mr. Cooney, for his great work with them and other young musicians. One of the first gigs for what was likely the first pop vocal band in Lynnfield was in the basement of St. Paul’s Church. Bowser recalls that some church hymns actually influenced a few of the band’s melodies. The brothers got their music played on the former Boston area radio station WMEX, which they grew up listening to.”

“The brothers actually started the Del Zorros in 1997 while living in Minneapolis, developing their act while playing in the region’s popular Dunne Brothers Coffee locations and other venues. “That’s where we worked up the Del Zorros act,” said Bowser. They released their first album in 2003, a year after moving to North Carolina, and from there released two additional albums and some singles. Growing up in Lynnfield, Bowser recalled that school children at the time often received a flutaphone to help them get started with learning music – and that that pretty much “immediately” led to him starting to write songs. At Lynnfield High School, Bowser recalled starting a band with his brother and fellow brass band members in 1965 called “The Illusions” that was influenced by the British Invasion sound and which reportedly sounded a bit like The Ventures or The Shadows. The band even wrote its own album.”

“CASTLE HAYNE, NC – Two twin brothers who grew up in Lynnfield have released a new album that includes a song about Pillings Pond. Lance and Leigh Bowser lived on Summer Street while growing up in Lynnfield, and they attended school in town. These days, the brothers live in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and make music as The Del Zorros – using the stage names Stede (Leigh) and Monty (Lance) Del Zorro. Their new album, entitled “Summer Fields,” a nod to their boyhood home. “It was a great name for a street,” said Leigh Bowser in a recent conversation with the Weekly News, adding that Lynnfield “has always loomed large in our imagery.” One of the songs off the new album, “On the Pond,” was even written about Pillings Pond in Lynnfield. Videos for that and other songs by the Del Zorros can be viewed on YouTube.”

“Double the Fun… Twin brothers Stede and Monty Del Zorro of Castle Hayne began writing melodies together on flutophones when they were 9 years old. They were 15 when they formed their first pop vocal group, The Illusions, in 1964 (same year as Beatlemania). Now, The Del Zorros are gearing up for their “Summer Fields” tour of New England, which ends with a July performance on the town common in Lynnfield, Massachusetts — a homecoming to celebrate fifty years of musical memories. Their songs, gentle and melodic, call to mind a bygone time. “Our show may best be described as The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, and The Smothers Brothers all rolled into one,” say the twins. Be on the lookout for a forthcoming studio EP and live recordings from the tour. For music videos for their newest songs, find The Del Zorros on Facebook. Listen: www.reverbnation.com/delzorros.”

“These 3 songs will break your heart & then heal it right back up again, good as new (which, as we know, has a fat chance of happening in the real world). But's that's what's great about the Del Zorro's new CD- it invites you to return to, or to truly experience , (if your hair is not yet gray or gone), a simpler time- when love was true & so were you. Christopher Reed, Traditional Healing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA.”

Christopher Reed - Facebook

“ The twin brothers behind The Del Zorros, a Wilmington rock duo that makes music in the vein of 60’s pop music, have put together a video for song they recorded last year. “Mrs. Santa Claus” praises someone we don’t hear as much about in holiday stories – Mrs. Claus. The resolute wife of old St. Nick always has his back and you may recall even offered to deliver the presents in “The Year Without Santa Claus.” Whether helping him watch his weight or getting enough sleep Mrs. Claus is often overlooked, except for maybe during SantaCon. Lance and Leigh Bowser, The Del Zorros, have composed a sweet sing-along tune that fits in nicely with countless other holiday tunes. They’ve recently put together a music video that features art by Leigh that recalls old school coloring books. According to the twins the song is being played on Christmas radio programs around the world.”

“Castle Hayne’s 50’s and 60’s inspired duo – The Del Zorros, have released a new single that’s appropriately timed for spring. The twins make music in a style that’s gentler, smartly melodic and unfortunately been lost as genres bend and falter. The Del Zorros aptly blend together, folk, pop and a bit of early rock and roll music. The song, “Younger Every Day,” is a continuation of the softly sung and romantic harmonies that was a big part of their last album, 2010’s “Good For You.” It bears an innocence that’s nostalgic without dwelling too much on such a thing. The song has a timeless theme, one that’s been covered by everyone from Walt Disney to Oasis. Nonetheless it’s a certified dance tune; compete with whistling and a hint of rockabilly. For fans of The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. The song is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD Baby. ”

““Good Company,” the Del Zorro's homey, tuneful new album, shows further signs of careful crafting, and even magic. “You can see all of our influences,” said Bowser, whose twin brother, Lance, completes the duo. (They perform as their alter egos, Stede and Monty Del Zorro.) Early Beatles are an obvious cue, but The Del Zorros also incorporate ‘60s folk (on the title track), romantic pop ballads (“Love and Kindness”) and even country music (“Somerset County”). Both brothers sing, but despite being twins, their voices are distinct while blending well. Lance's vocals tend to be more sensual, while Leigh's are more emotional (“Melvina's New Guitar”) or even comic (“Welcome Home”). Unfortunately, you won't see them playing live very often, but you can listen to and/or purchase “Good Company” at TheDelZorros.BandCamp.com. John Staton: 343-2343 On Twitter.com: @Statonator”

"We both write strong melodies," said Lance Bowser, his hand-held mic kicking back a little reverb as the musicians shared their thoughts about their recent collaboration. "I hear melody all the time," Leigh Bowser said. "I could write 100 melodies a day." Leigh typically writes the lyrics, though they share the copyright like Lennon and McCartney. "We’re interested in hits," Lance said. "Whatever we do is hit material." Out of more than 150 songs they have written together, they polished their top 10 at Castle Lake Recording Studio in Castle Hayne with audio recording engineer Bert Carlin. "We wanted 10 songs that would go together well," Lance said, "and none that were so monster hits that they’d take it all over." The first single to come off "Good Company," is "Back Streets of Liverpool," a tribute to the Beatles, one that allows the Del Zorro twins the full range of their DNA harmony. http://luminanews.com/article.asp?aid=7224&iid=245&sud=42 .

“THE DEL ZORROS Nov. 13 @ Bella’s... This one-of-a-kind Wilmington duo made up of twin brothers Monty and Stede Del Zorro has been back on the scene lately with an outstanding new album, “Good Company,” that filters old-school rock and folk through a sweet, nostalgic lens. Details: 6:30-8:30 p.m. Saturday, 19 Market St., downtown Wilmington.”

“Their new album Good Company is a love letter to the early sixties – acoustic driven music that’s filled with melody and character. Its crystallized sound, mixed with low slung vocals, recall that era of music when ‘California Dreamin’ was popular. In the middle of the album’s title track I almost expected to hear them sing the lyric “all the leaves are brown.” Songs here seem to either rest easy or jump up and down but equally shine. For all its sappy positivity ‘Love and Kindness’ really stands out as a song, bridging 1950’s crooning with early 1960’s swagger. ‘Man in the Moon’ is sweet, a Mexican flavored lullaby that lends a happily lost at sea quality. ‘Welcome Home’ strolls along, comprised of surf rock guitar and tinkering keys. It seems to embody the fun and philosophy of the duo – making music that’s fun and soothing." http://wae.blogs.starnewsonline.com/13381/the-del-zorros-album-review/ ”