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Del Rivers / Press

"...He did one of the best interviews at my apartment with the late Ronnie Dawson I have ever heard..."

"...Del's a Rennaisance Man of comedy and music in entertainment...sort of like the late Steve Allen..."

"...The songs he wrote with others (i.e. Mr. Know-It-All by Luther & The BBB's or Stop Pushin' Me by McFadden's Parachute) made them garage band classics and hits on my show!..."

"I wish I could have managed Del Rivers...instead of The Chesterfield Kings when I had the chance!..."

"...He said he was hit by the comedy bug at an early age after seeing the late impressionist Frank Gorshin doing imitations of Kirk Douglas..."

"...An instant classic. Del gets down'n'gritty with rockabilly heart and garagey soul..."

"...'I think some of the spiritualness comes through in some of the things I write'...His double-tracked two-part harmonies have a plaintive, buzzing quality unlike any you'll hear on the average three-minute pop record..."

"...His fascination with the strange and cosmic shows up in some of his work...'Have you seen the face on Mars? It's staring right at you...Just like the Easter Island statues holding their gaze; the Ancient Ones are coming back to see what they can do'..."