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“The Greatest Cape is beautiful! Great composition! ”

“Nice music and diverse sound! I like the fact that you are using many different sound elements and blending styles. My fav track would be 'space cake'. Pretty awesome I think!”

“Amazing new single 'The Greatest Cape!' My new fav! Clever title!”

“Excellent sound, writing good music is very beautiful "The Greatest Cape" I also really like "Glass on the Dancefloor" ;-))))))”

“Interesting sounds!”

“Awesome! Love the new song SpaceCake!”

“Your music is excellent, I really dig Celebration, what a killer song...very creative!!”

“Great music! Keep rockin'!!”

“Checked out yer tunes.. nicely done.. you have a good ear for building tracks up.”

“Diggin SpaceCake. Great liquid breaks for games and commercial stuff. Or a bamf TV show intro.”