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Death by Bill / Press

"Listen to Death by Bill awesome band! Best wishes from Concrete Injection \m/

Sota James - facebook

"Great set last night! We would like to play with you guys again so lets keep in touch."

Dallas, vocals/guitar for New City Ghost - yahoo

"Great show - thanks all!"

Richard Collier, Keynote Company - Facebook

"I saw Death By Bill at a local show on Valentine's day, got a few bracelets and a CD. Quality band, I must say"

Aimey Rinn - facebook

"This band does well Russ. Def have them in when you can. Laura could probably set up her own show there for the guys once every couple months too. They have a lot of friends in bands in the area and regularly attend shows. Great fit."

Richard Collier/Keynote Company - facebook

"everybody needs to check out thiese bands right now!!! they are fucking awesome Death by Bill and Blacklight Sunrise"

Davi DobbyLlama Feliciano - facebook

"Hey Laura It was great having DBB at the show yesterday! They played exceptionally well (sans the mishap with the collapsing mic stand)!"

Alex Simpson - facebook

"Top of Diamond is great!!"

Michael Sayers - facebook

“Another amazing performance from death by bill... Great job at the sad cafe, guys!”

Jack Callahan IV - facebook

“Great gig at The Sad tonight; thanks so much to everyone up there who put the show on, Lost Thoughts, At All Costs, Death by Bill, Wasted Dilemma, NeoN DowN, and the folks who came (and stayed until we played!). Also a HUGE thanks to Cam of The Resemblance who filled in on drums (and our best wishes to Sean and his horribly painful wrist; may it get well soon!). Quite a good way to launch things into Christmas-Mode, we must say.”

Left Hand Blue - facebook

“Glenn is THE man. That is all.”

Doug Smith - facebook

“Such a great show, you all kicked ass tonight. I'M COMING HOME!”

Pat Fallon - facebook

“You did amazing last night. Great show!”

Jordan Prange - Facebook

“Awesome show guys! Especially "Who Am I." Can't wait to see you guys play in Cambridge tomorrow! :)”

Patrick Fallon - Facebook

“Amazing music”

Aboi Doyle - Reverbnation

“Keep on delivering coolness!Our best wishes..Peace!”

Impuria - Reverbnation

“You guys kicked all kinds of ass”

Patrick Fallon - facebook

“Enjoyed the show, especially when you played Sharp Dressed Man. It was worth the trip to go to the Sad Cafe. Great show!”

Diane Fortin - Facebook

“Death by bill is gunna tear the building down”

Austin Obrien - facebook

“Torrid set!!!”

Jim LeBarron - facebook

“Awesome job at the sad cafe! I really loved it!”

Brianna Thompson - Facebook

“Dude....dude....the show tonight.....epik........by the way, im the kid with the awesome purple sweatshirt AND DONATED!!!!”

Jameson Bloom - Facebook


Ton Dandy Woolsey - Facebook


Scott Morse - facebook

“These kids are going to be eating any skills I have for breakfast in short order.”

Owen Santy - facebook

“Cool song...it's probably a bit cliche' but to me the song is High School Crush or High School Crush(your all I think about)...keep up the great work see you guys Saturday..(I'll put my request in for that one now)..”

Rich Copp - facebook

“No thanks needed - that track is just cool as hell, and it's way too catchy. Been eating a hole in my head all day. Need to listen to some tool or something to change the pace.”

M. Santy - yahoo.com

“Cool punk tunes! Love the attitude.”

Naked Singularity - Reverbnation

“Hot Damn! - Can't stop listening to this one. No s**t straight ahead R & R. There's so much stuff coming out lately that I like but just wouldn’t purchase. This track is one I would gladly pay for. I'm so impressed & happy for you - if this is what you are morphing into it's going to be a very bright future. Kudos. ~O~”

M. Owen Santy - Facebook

“BIG BIG THANK YOU - HUGE...for lending Jimmy your guitar when his strings broke! Extremely generous of you and greatly appreciated! Great show last night! Can't believe Tess broke a string, too. Think the place is jinxed for strings.”

21st Century Fugitives - facebook

“You guys are AWESOME keep up the good work.”

Kenny Black - Facebook

“We were glad to be able to go support the kids. We had a great time, and my 8 year old took his guitar pick to bed with him all week!”

Teresa Marx - yahoo

“Thanks for playing this past weekend. Great CD! Until next time! The Poncherellos and Amerikkkan Citizens will be waiting for your return!”

Andy Poncherello - facebook

“great show last night. thanx for coming to Chameleon Pittsfield !!”

John Novak - facebook

“DBB "youramess" is good. Ryan "going strait to be without dinner" is as well. :)”

Michael Collins - facebook

“The Children, Staff and entire Massachusetts Hospital School Community sincerely thank Death by Bill for a great show. You ROCK!! THANK YOU!”

Paula Rogers Jacobs - facebook

“That song jams..is that Tess on guitar and vocals?...if it is the Rock and Roll world is hers for the taking..Nice Job..”

Rich Copp - facebook

“I really like your guys CD but I have to say my personal favorite would have to be "Horizon" great vocal harmonies wonderful musicianship esp. the bass. What I like about the guitar solo was how real it sounded it wasn't overly fast or overly neat and picture perfect. I hate it when I hear a picture perfect album set to a metronome to me it takes the life and the risk out of the album. Your EP was great and most importantly not boring. Can't wait to jam with you guys again love to jam live on Horizon on mandolin.”

Pruf - facebook

"Dear Death by Bill band members, On behalf of Special Olympics Massachusetts, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for the time and effort you gave in performing at Olympic Town at the 2012 Summer Games. Thanks to you it was a huge success! As you know, SOMA relies heavily on volunteers, and the dedication and commitment of professional people such as yourself. You enable us to provide an experience for the athletes and coaches that they will not soon forget! Thank you for your generous support. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!"

Emily Goodnow - yahoo.com

"Tess, you guys were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Heather O'Brien - facebook

"Just came back from a great Death by Bill show at the Cliffhanger. Awesome!"

Heather O'Brien - facebook

"Hey, I listened to your CD. I love it! Top three favorite songs have to be Top of the Diamond, Horizon, and Satan. It's definitely going on my iPod, I'm so glad I bought it =D"

Jimmy Martin - facebook

"this is a keeper for the VH1 "behind the music" segment sure to be in their future!!!!"

"We can do it...if Death by Bill will be there....they are wicked awesome....besides, Kevin thinks the guitarist is cute!!!...:))....and Mike says he likes hanging out with the bands' management..."

Joanne Luongo - Facebook

"Hey Tess! Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching you sing, one of the greatest times of my life!"

Jimmy Martin - facebook

"great show, you guys were awesome!"

Danny Levesque - facebook

"Tessla Coyle i love you, wearing sneakers with a dress is the way to go♥"

Krysta Marie Parrell - Facebook

"you guys look like rock stars. oh wait, you are."

Scott Morse - Facebook

"what an awesome looking GROUP, AKA THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!"

S.M. - Facebook

"Soo proud of these kids!"

Kerry Dunn - Facebook

"My daughter and I caught you earlier at Chowdafest. The stripped down and raw covers along with your originals made for a rockin' time. Our favorite was "Sheep". Thanks for making our day!"

Mark Kennedy - facebook

"Best part of Chowdafest. For sure." :)

Kristin Fluhr - facebook

"Last night i went to see my son Jonathans band play at the marshfield fair, i am so proud of his performance and his enthusiasm as much as his passion for music and playing.....Jonny u are a TRUE ROCKSTAR, my advice to u is KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!!!"

Sharon Manoli - Facebook

"I sat at work all night wishing I was at ur show...and I want to let you know I'm very proud of u...I heard u did an excellent job keep up the great work." Matty Manoli

Matty Manoli - facebook

"Johnny u guys were sick tonight kid. Let me know when the next show is"

Steve Whitcomb - facebook

“Omg you guys ROCKED IT! People were sooo impressed with you guys! can't wait to see the pics u guys took. Except the rock around the clock ones! Thank you so much for coming helping with all the mayhem & foolishness. You are the best!”

Kerry Dunn - Facebook

“I hope the show went well. Canada is cold and snowy. I would have rather been rocking to Death By Bill then death by jet fumes...get it!”