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Dead Empires / Press

“a heavy tour-de-force in the now blossoming NY post-metal scene. A trio, (and sometimes a 4 piece when they play with a 2nd drummer) plays a heavy, familiar, but strangely unique band of instrumental metal. (Warning: May contain toxic soundgasms, keep away from children!) The combined assault of the guitar and bass with absolutely angry drum parts makes for a psychedelic sonic spectacle of vicious riff-based music. If you dig any sort of instrumental metal or post rock, I suggest you keep these guys on your radar.”

“8/10! It is pure heavy music devoid of any cliche’s usually associated with post-rock, sludge-metal, doom-metal acts. The dexterity the musicians in the band display over the course of the 4 tracks is exciting without being too complex or pompous. There is also a strong emphasis on great songwriting and memorable musical passages that gets stuck in your head instantly. This is a great demo from a band that for once doesn’t really have the usual trademarks of any genre except it kicks ass.”

“Even though it's only four songs, the skill here makes each track seem layered, genuine and intense. Each song is simple and complex in its own right. I have to touch on the execution again. Alot of bands that mix up genres can make transitions seem plain or rushed. The style that Dead empires delivers is so intense you can't help being sucked in. I see big things coming for these three dudes from Poughkeepsie NY. So remember the name Dead Empires.”

“Monuments is a solid, up-tempo slab of progressive, sludgy instrumental post-metal, guaranteed to kick you in the face. ...their video for ‘Hello To Oblivion’ should hopefully convince you that this is worth your time.”

“In a fashion similar to being clocked by a sledgehammer before getting cleaned off with a feather duster, New York's Dead Empires bridge the gap between hardcore riffery and moments of thoughtful repose. The trio's debut, Monuments, is an ambitious four-song EP. With rapid-fire riffs and exquisitely buzzing bass lines which recall the Melvins, as well as mellow interludes which could have appeared on The Mars Volta's Deloused..., the group go to great lengths to provide a set of instrumentals which won't disappoint. While a relatively short presentation, these selections speak volumes to the skills of each performer, and leaves the listener curious as to what wonders await in a full-length feature.”

Barry Adkins - n/a

"t sounds like a fan of sludge metal got together with a fan of thrash metal, added a prog metal dude, and then, with no one dominating their influences, combined powers equally like some awesome metal version of Captain Planet. ...really heavy and genuinely intense."

"Dear sir that was truly ass kickingly awesomeo. Reminded me of Kyuss and many hours of playing Diablo 2 and listening to metal."