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Daze AKA The Nomad / Press

“Check out My feature story published at AVASTAR ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK at the following link: www.avastar.tv/features/daze.html. General site link: http://www.avastar.tv/”

“Meet Daze: Akademia Award Winner for Best Hip-Hop/Pop Song 'Running Man' & Featured Artist October 2014!”

“Check out my feature story published at Marquix Global Network. Here's the following link: www.marquix.tv/features/daze.html. General site link: http://www.marquix.tv.”

“Running Man is a great commercial song.”

702 ROOTS - RN

““Runing man is blazing hot!! where the track at? i need that in my car Daze!!””

RN - Gibril

““Running Man by Daze is amazing Hip Hop song””

Victoria Evans - RN

“London loves that Running Man..so glad to be back in here to get our week off to a rockin good start!!”

MikeWhitePresnts - RN

“Cool beats and hot vox, but most of all love that f***in hammond on SMOOTH OPERATOR - keep up doin' your thing, all the best from VIE,AT”

Leo K. - RN

“love your sound and all the heart you put in your lyrics! so much character in your song! love it Smooth Operator!”


"Gotta Do Something" ........never heard anything like this song... your life our story.... great song man...

just a test - RN

“Daze!!!!! The voice of a generation. Just stopping by to show love and support. Mark our words, one day soon, everyone will know about DAZE!!!!!!!!!!”

Soulunique Showband - RN

“Great mix and flow on "Crunch Time!"”

Jaron Davis - RN

“Smooth, original shit right here bruh. I'm Real is my favorite so far. Reverb won't let me share it on FB, so I'm just gonna copy your page URL and paste it on my wall. Congratulations. You got the Dooshbagg Seal of Approval. Keep that shit up.”

Dooshbagg - RN

“I'm feeling your songs and you got strong delivery. Keep spitting the REAL...”

Rev Sconie - RN

“REDD (The FunGirl) Gotta Do Something #FIRE thats a hit”

REDD (The FunGirl) - RN

“Great sound! Great Flow! Great vocals! Keep up the great work!”

NewTribeZ Radio - RN

“Yo Daze, I'm feelin you my dude... That family reunion is hot as fish grease. Keep going hard partna. Respect jSchick.”

jschick - RN

"King Nomad! I checked your video and man I felt your passion in the music related to the vid..that's real man. Keep Grindin King! Alot ppl feel that way out here some dont make it to the other side to get that strength man..dope."

Malik Jones - Global 14