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DareDevilDale / Press

“There is already a huge variety of sounds right from the start. Each of them have a different noise coming from them and they are all equally powerful. The bass is huge in this track and I love it. It doesn't take over the other instruments and is very clean and clear. Usually, when there is a variety of sounds like this in one track, it is messy, but this track is greatly organized and it sounds great, to top it all off. Vocals are as perfect as the sounds of the instruments. Both lead and background voices sound wonderful and the harmonies are right on que and every note is clean and is hit perfectly. All sounds, including vocals really flow great in this track. Lyrics are fantastic. They are not too repetitive and there is clearly a story behind them that leaves the audience guessing.”

“Nice bass riff... love the echoing guitar... would make The Edge proud!”

“Good songwriting, good production. I like it a lot.”

“i'm liking this... ;-)”