Dan Weber / Press

“Sorting through over 300 new CD's received by The Acoustic Revival to create a ‘Best of’ show play list was a challenge. However, ‘Ash and Bone’ with ‘Hank and Jesus’ easily rose to the top. Great songwriting!”

Jim Canales - ‘The Acoustic Revival’, 90 FM WWSP, Jan 2013

"Ash and Bone" is a tapestry, woven of songs that could have been written by Hayes Carll or Guy Clark. Listen to "Sarah Ann" or "Take the Central Georgia Home" and you will hear the depth of Weber’s phenomenal musical growth. In short, it is fantastic!"

Ernie Hopseker - Ocean Beach Radio Jan 2013

"Dan Weber's recent performance at Music Millennium showed off his ability to tell a story, not just in his songs but also through his introductions. Vivid descriptions and lyrics draw the listener in as Weber’s captivating tales unfold.”

“That was about four years ago, and he never looked back. Weber has…acquired a fan base that has spread the word to radio stations and other venues all around North America.”

"Dan Weber's concert was amazing and magical! The audience wanted more. Dan’s music is original, emotional, and his intimate connection with the audience was undeniable. We give Dan Weber our highest recommendation! (and we're rather picky)."

Andy Granitto - House Concert Host Oct 2012

"Amazingly new to the music trip, but Dan's stories and melodies sound like they were carved back there, somewhere.”

"Dan Weber is the classic mid-life overnight sensation”

Matt Miner, Promoter - Matt Miner Presents Oct 2012

"Goodbye to Dad," is one of the best original tunes that I have heard in a long time."

"Weber's writing is as strong as any in the contemporary folk community.”

"‘Hank and Jesus’ by Dan Weber is easily the best folk song I heard last year. It has a timeless and authentic ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ feel to it."

Jack Bohl, DJ, ‘Pastures of Plenty’ - KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, OR Jan 2012

“I love Dan’s songs and he tells really good stories ”

Ramblin’ Jack Elliot - Legendary Folk Troubadour April 2012

“Dan Weber has an instant classic on his hands. ‘Ash and Bone’ is a superb debut.”

Diane Hunt, DJ, ‘Folk Espresso’ - KBOO Portland, OR Jan 2012

“Dan Weber sings short stories with the exuberance of Kerouac, the economy of Hemingway, and the melodic elegance of Hank Williams.”

Tim Connor - Americana Songwriter Jan 2012

“He credits such musicians as Gordon Lightfoot, Marty Robbins, Bill Morrissey, Tom Russell and Todd Snider for inspiring him. ‘The truth of it is, I’ve always loved songs that told a story...its cathartic and life affirming to share our stories with each other and find that common ground...that’s why people have done it around campfires for 10,000 years”

“I was immediately impressed by his songs, passion for music and his belief that music can connect people.”

"Dan Weber is a true original and a raconteur of the first order. A kinetic performer and a joy to listen to again and again."

Dan Dover - Doverlaff House Concerts

"Weber is one performer that’s living proof that you never know when a music career will bloom."

"Dan totally entertained us at McLundy's this weekend! He is one of those rare performers that make you feel like you are the person in the room he is telling the story to. It is so wonderful to have artist like him. Come back soon!"

Suzan Lundy - McLundy’s Green Room

"Awesome Show!"

Staff - Kana Winery, Yakima, WA

"There are few singer-songwriters that I will go out of my way to hear and Dan Weber is at the top of the list."

Lyman Louis - Lighthouse House Concerts

"You’re going to outgrow our stage but I hope you don’t forget us!”

Jeanine Renne - Oregon State Fair