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'Texassippi Soul Man' Danny Brooks & Lil... / Press

“...this Canadian duo have produced a quintessentially “Bluesy” album which is everything I could want from that genre. I could visualise myself in the swampy southern states as soon as it opened with a track with the album name This World Is Not Your Friend, such was the atmospheric vocals and guitar work with occasional mouth organ accompaniment. In truth this is the most Blues sounding album I’ve heard for some time. Brooks has a vocal ability which belies his racial profile, he genuinely does sound like an African American in tone and tenor, making his ability in the blues a stick on winner. There is a soulful facet to this album which hits the spot too....This whole album is essentially roots type blues without make up, writing done with true feeling and performed with a fervour that today’s superficial pop stars couldn’t spell much less perform to. The husband and wife team here are truly in tune with each other and have produced an ace for anyone’s blues collection.”

“Breaking News! Crucial Music has placed a Danny Brooks song ‘Caught A Fire’ from ‘Texassippi Soul Man’ is being aired on Fox’s TV Show ‘New Girl’ airing on February 3, 2015 9pm/8pm Central Time. ‘Caught The Fire’ can be purchased on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/texassippi-soul-man/id569766570 and CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannybrooks1”

““There is a good spirit in your music and what first kills you with Danny Brooks is his voice...what a presence ...he is really a super vocalist ...but this Cd is much more than that, it is a collection of very strong songs and musical influences...when you hear such a killing voice on such good songs , it is a real pleasure from the beginning to the end ...” Mike Penard/Euro Americana Reporter/American Roots Music/ISA Radio”

“Singer/guitarist Danny Brooks proves himself as much a versatile soul song-crafter as he does a sturdy blues growler and soul shouter. The Texas-based Canadian transplant here serves up much variation within the ballads-to-blues spectrum, delivered in stripped-down duets with vocalist/percussionist partner Lil Miss Debi. In addition to the title track, “All God’s Children” and the decidedly cover-worthy “Sad Song” stand out.”

“Breaking News! ABC Family TV Show 'The Fosters' aired this Monday February 10th, 8pm & 9pm CT and again Saturday February 15th will be featuring Danny Brooks song 'You'll Find A Way' from his Soulsville Rock The House CD. Song is available on www.dannybrooksmusic.com / CD Baby & itunes. http://sharetv.com/shows/the_fosters/episodes/792570”

“Danny Brooks continues to evoke the music of the American South, coming up with gorgeous melodies song after song. His high energy, occasionally raspy vocals can scarcely contain his enthusiasm and enjoyment....Another highlight is “Running With The Best Of Them”, set to a tune Springsteen would be proud of, about a boy growing up in Regent Park.... More soul closes out the program with “Caught A Fire”, which chronicles anew his life in music. This is homegrown soul and blues at its best.”

“Deep inside Danny Brooks beats the heart of a Delta bluesman. He has relocated to Texas to pursue his craft in the company of like-minded souls. His latest album, Texassippi Soul Man, chronicles the physical and psychological journey in its lyrics and music. To harmonica, slide guitar, pounding drums, bass, and an occasional tambourine, Brooks sings with so much grit, you'd think he drank a bottle of rattlesnake juice. He looks and plays like the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. The result is an amalgam of country, blues, and gospel that the Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals made a living out of recording, and is now sometimes referred to as Americana. Texassippi Soul Man intimates that Danny Brooks’ life journey has earned him the right to sing the blues, but the optimistic beat shows he's found his sweet spot. Four of Five Stars”

“Danny Brooks has managed to bridge the Saturday night-Sunday morning gulf I’ve previously wrote about. He has recorded quite successful Gospel albums and also has recorded Blues, Country, and Rhythm and Blues works. Texassippi Soul Man which contains his current style mix of soul, blues, gospel, rock and country. That album has cemented Danny Brooks as a fine exponent of Roots music.”

“Danny Brooks is an amazing man, he is a survivor, re-born thru his faith and thru that faith he brings us some very fine blues music. His life story reads like a blues novel with ties to the past that bind him and the music together forever, I urge ya’s to check him out. With this, his tenth release, we get a soul-drenched collection of sixteen original songs that work the genre in and out much like a professional boxer works the jab, punch and uppercut. It is a knockout!”

“I guess you can officially say that Danny Brooks is 100% Blewzz Approved. Since this is his fourth consecutive CD that I've had the pleasure of working with, it's safe to say that "The Blewzzman likes the Soul Man". On "Texassippi Soul Man" Danny Brooks, writer of all 16 tracks, sings all the lead vocals and plays harmonica, piano, stomp board, slide, rhythm and acoustic guitars and the kitchen sink (not really but I'm betting he'd even make that sound good). On the opening track Danny Brooks sings about being a "Soul Man", but the soul Danny's proud of having is much deeper. Danny Brooks is a man from, of and about the soul. As with most of Danny Brooks' music, "Texassippi Soul Man" is one of those discs that - regardless of the type of music you're into - anyone will like it. Great songs, great musicians and great feelings from, of and about the soul.”

“Danny Brooks is one of those cats who transcend idioms, genres, and stylistic cages, blending rock and roll, soul, blues, and Americana (even as quintessentially Canadian as he is) in a brew that's heady as hell and impossible to resist. When he calls himself a soul man, it's neither boast nor PR strategy but just the plain truth. He in fact has a lot in common with Johnny Winter, prime period Lee Michaels, and by all rights would likely have gotten righteously together with Mike Bloomfield, had that unfortunate lived long enough. I can only imagine, and drool, at what might have occurred had such a miracle transpired: an Electric Flag with Danny Brooks? Hoooo-eeee! Texassippi Soul Man is the guy's latest, and I've reviewed him twice in these pages (here and here) but was really riveted by the live Palais Royale release a little while ago. Texassippi, then, emerges at the end of 2012 to find his perfect mid-point between studio and stage incarnations....”

“He’s that special musical jewel that we’ve never really had in Canada ... he’s our Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, Taj Mahal and Ralph Stanley rolled into one performer. Chris Darton/Maple Blues Magazine ”

“Carolina's' humid backbeat and swamp-filled slide guitar, moves Brooks into an area at the crossroads of Solomon Burke, RL Burnside and Elmore James. It's a new and unique sound from one of my favorite singers, and from the first note, it sticks in your head like a bowl of `southern grits`”

“His voice, too, has only improved with age. From the bluesy �The Other Side of the Clouds� to the solid blues of �Righteous Highway� to the gospel fervor of �Somebody On Your Bond�, Danny & the band will transport you to different place.”

“...After all, we've recently seen successful releases for Solomon Burke and, latterly, Bobby Purify, both of which incorporated the traditional southern soul writing style of people like Dan Penn - why not the same for Danny Brooks?”

“Ontario Ambassador of the Blues”