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Danny Blu / Press

“Danny explores issues like tolerance, hypocrisy, pain, love and sex that serve to provoke and leave the listener vaguely unsettled.”

“saint is not for someone who wants all their music to fit neatly into one category. It crosses over genres and fuses musical styles like a wide-eyed welder on mushrooms; but that's why it works. Just when you thought you knew where Danny Blu was going he disappears in front of your eyes, then sneaks up behind to kick the sound in a new direction.”

“On the other hand, "All Night", "Something to Believe In", and "Dead Like Me" are more like being stalked by a tiger that just escaped from its cage. The danger is not just evident  it's imminent.”

“This somewhat Freudian touch to his music may be his grandest gift. Listen to “saint” very carefully. The impression it leaves is that you probably now know and understand this quirky musician a bit better. Not so much as an up and coming rock star, performance artist, a person who is sexually straight, gay or bi. No, this is someone who has lowered their defenses and allowed you to see that underneath it all, we’re all simply human. And that my friends, may be the hardest skin to wear in public.”

“#12 Alt-Rock Band in NYC, Winter 2014”

The Deli Magazine

“From the two CDs I've heard from Danny Blu, Dead Like Me is the crown of creation. Fast, furious and fun are the best three words I can come up with to describe it.”

“#5 National Loud Rock Rotation Adds December, 2013”


“Blu is a boy who can bang your head, shake your booty, rock your world, shock your senses, and make you think all within the same song.”

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've heard Danny Blu's debut album, Do Your Worst, and I feel confident in claiming that we have a very new, talented young artist amongst us. Blu understands that there's more to making music in today's market than just melody and rhythm. To capture the over stimulated attention of an audience in this century you must also be entertaining. And, oh boy, is Danny ever entertaining.”

“New York City-based industrial pop singer Danny Blu and his band The Factory Blu are making more than just intense sound waves with their first music video. The song is the punky dance track Set Me On Fire and the video–a surprisingly high-production value joint coming from an independent artist–tells the story of a freakishly unique and bullied teenager.”

“This music is as pounding as it is proud.”

“Then I got it. All at once I knew why the image on the cover was so disturbing. At the same instant I understood what Danny Blu was trying to convey with the overall concept of Do Your Worst. The image was an eerie reminder and depiction of the fate endured by Matthew Shepard in Laramie, WY, on October 6, 1998, during the commission of a hate crime where he was tied up, tortured and killed by two men who, according to court testimony, "...hated gays”. A crime, and death, that ultimately led to the passing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act into law more than ten years later.”