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DMac / Press

“My favorite bible verse... Psalms 27. The LORD Is My Light and My Salvation!”

DMac - Trust In Him

“Staying Elevated, 24/7 whoooop”

DMac - Elevated Livin

“Lyrics chew them up end up just choking damn, This is DMac you already know me so try not to smoke me cause my poetics, Thought I had a Criminal brain but im just like Johny Cash was when the dope came, Let me repeat These bars I eat, ”

DMac - D.R.U.G.S

"I aint a selfish bastard even plastered faceted, if you act a fool, it'll make the money evasive, im not arguing just trying to be persuasive"

DMac - Persuasive

"I need my meditation, in order for no complication, hustle hard then harder til lifes an exploration, hopefully yours and mine will be a fascination"

DMac - Hu$$le