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Daniel Rosenboom / Press

“These guys aren’t afraid hit it hard, paying homage to rock and jazz often in the same track. The result is a complex, yet ultimately catchy, set of tunes. But be careful – you might break a few bones trying to move your body to Fire Keeper.”

“Fire Keeper, the debut album from the Daniel Rosenboom Quintet, exemplifies the vast possibilities for contemporary jazz artists.”

“Rosenboom gushes forth with fearsome alacrity, evoking the muscle of Freddie Hubbard and tone sculpture of Wadada Leo Smith...Complex and exciting, Fire Keeper burns, lurches, and leaps with intelligent virtuosity and a breathtaking sense of ensemble cohesion. This might be where jazz is heading—so strap in and enjoy the ride.”

“Veering between knotty jazz, prog rock and metal, is a trumpeter determined to go his own way...the imagination on display generates plenty of heat.”

“We’ve firmly established a few things about Daniel Rosenboom from his Best of 2013 release Book of Omens: he’s a fearless composer, bandleader, and trumpet player who lunges headfirst into the frontiers of modern progressive jazz, making it his mission to craft something that’s both fresh and immediate. What we establish from his follow-up LP Fire Keeper is that his pursuit of what’s beyond that frontier doesn’t ever let up.”

“In his quintet, [Rosenboom] has fashioned something entirely new from wildly diverse precedents like the music of Ornette Coleman, Balkan-folk, heavy-metal, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra... At times the band reminded me of Ornette’s Prime Time playing at a Bulgarian rave. The liberal dosage of odd-meters and compound meters also evoked the spirit of Mahavishnu, but there was also a splash of (I swear to god) Black Sabbath tossed in for good measure... Rosenboom has a warm, gorgeous tone...imagine Freddie Hubbard gigging with Henry Threadgill in a Slavic mashup group, and you get the idea.”

“Daniel Rosenboom is quickly becoming a ubiquitous presence in the West Coast's creative jazz scene... a singularly creative voice whose unique aesthetic encompasses an array of idiosyncratic influences...a lyrical virtuoso with a commanding tone, whose expansive trumpet technique is saliently paralleled in his diverse writing...an artist on the rise.”

"Daniel Rosenboom's trumpet playing was great throughout."

“Young trumpet dynamo Dan Rosenboom, one of the more interesting Los Angeleno players, impresses with the fluidity of his ideas...”

Josef Woodard - DownBeat Magazine

“A musician dedicated to exploration and expression, regardless of anyone’s imagined boundaries.”

"...one of the most innovative modern trumpet virtuosos...

"Rosenboom is a phenomenon."

Mark Swed - Los Angeles Times

“Miles Davis, whose ghost lingered throughout, would have approved.”

“Unlike anything heard before. This is jazz for the 21st century.”

Scott Yanow - author of thousands of articles for the All Music Guide to Jazz

“There is a filmmaker lurking within the musical vision of Daniel Rosenboom.”

“...it's poetry as interpreted by Rosenboom's sweetly tuneful trumpet. Rosenboom leaps from one extreme to another, doing both with the effortless flair of someone who has mastered his craft and isn't shy to show it off.”

“...a trumpeter whose unique voice on the trumpet and in his music is just as clear as his ability to effortlessly and intelligently communicate his passion for all the forms of music that he’s combined in his own.”

"Spectacular trumpet soloing...mesmerizing..."

BLG - Downtown Music Gallery

"Daniel Rosenboom's trumpet and electronics tour de force Evolution captures all the gravity of '70s prog rock with a dramatic flair of Freddy Mercury-proportions...Rosenboom goes for the jugular both rhythmically and melodically, running through time signatures like a box of Kleenex at an AA meeting."

Randy Nordschow - New Music Box

"Rosenboom's virtuosic performance added great excitement to the piece as we flew through fantastic landscapes or saw flashes of other images: a flutter-tongued passage gave way to a reflective, beautiful melody in the trumpet part. "

Neville Young - International Trumpet Guild