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Dale Turner / Press

"Smart pop tunes that are crammed with interesting guitar parts and tones ... Like what the Beach Boys might do if they were on an acid trip that was on the verge of getting out of control. Yeah!"

"Clever in concept and sophisticated in execution. Turner's an accomplished guitarist ... working at a high level. It seems there's nothing he cannot do in the studio."

“With his agile guitar plucking and mischievous lyrical wordplay, Mannerisms proves Turner is an exception to that old axiom, 'Those who can't do, teach.' Expertly crafted, multi-layered, and idiosyncratic guitar pop. Impressive.”

"Slacker-rock mingles with seventies-style harmonies and new-prog in this eccentric and eclectic collection ... like a strange re-invention of Supertramp, mixed with Pavement. This record is incredibly creative, inventive and well-crafted."

“Recordings that kick trendy clichés to the curb ... Jellyfish-style pop layered with Brian Wilsonesque vocals co-mingle with complexity that beckons the prog association. Dale Turner is a prodigious, inventive and very special musical talent.”

"A rich cocktail of differing textures, aural delights, interesting instrumentation, and quirky vocal arrangements. A remarkable and inspiring effort on all fronts. D-I-Y Musicians take note; Turner will teach you a thing or two."

“Musical brilliance. Highly original, creative, extremely melodic, and unpredictable as hell. If you’re looking for a tripped out musical experience ... jump head first into Mannerisms Magnified.”

"A multi-talented yet quite eclectic composer/guitarist who never fails to take a hard left turn ... Mannerisms Magnified takes rock music in a daring new direction ... You'd never guess it was all one person doing it all."

“Dale Turner is an inspiration in every sense of the word ... A true mad scientist at work ... If Radiohead was making music in the 70’s with Mike Patton helping on vocals, this may be what would have been heard ... This one-man-band is a one-man-force to be reckoned with.”

“A varied mix of clever rock and pop, with a progressive edge. A very personal album. Dale Turner certainly would qualify as a musical 'renaissance man.'”

“This ROCKS! Quality music ... diverse/original/catchy ... Dale Turner does SO MUCH on his own ... a shoe-in for our indie feature because of what he can teach the rest of us starving artists.”

“Awesomelyuniquelyamazing (one word)! This is not for the music lover who likes to hear the typical repetitive Pop song ... Dale borders the line of musical genius.”

“Technical finesse will appeal to the intellect, while emotion to the heart ... Dale Turner is a much-needed breath of fresh air.”

“A singer-songwriter ... debut album ... full of acoustic guitar virtuoso techniques.”

"Thought-provoking melodic rock in the vein of Mr. Bungle, Queen, and Frank Zappa ... packed to the hilt with amazing creativity, captivating subject matter, unpredictability [and] high adrenalin vocal delivery."

“What is there not to like about this incredible one-man show? If you like rock and pop like Queen or The Beatles this guy is no brainer. Excellent music from top to bottom.”

"Someone once said that there was a fine line between genius and insanity. This feels like the work of a genius, but I can't help thinking I've witnessed elements of the insane at the same time!"

“Dale Turner's like a musical Salvador Dali. Mannerisms Magnified comfortably borders on masterpiece territory ... Smart, catchy and sophisticated with dark undertones and 'down the rabbithole' surprises around every corner.”

“When you've got a stack of 100+ CDs on your desk and too many of them sound alike, the occasional surprise--like Dale Turner's Mannerisms Magnified--is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Unique, exciting and delightful ... it gets better with each listen. Its originality shines.”

“As I pressed play for the first track, I was blown away. This album is nothing you have experienced. And the experience is not easily put into words. Not one song could fit into a genre category... Take the journey with Dale Turner and open your mind. Enjoy the ride.”

“Incredibly weird, absolutely riveting music. Some of the most arresting vocal harmonies I've encountered, ever. A study in how to create an incredibly eclectic, orchestrated, pop-masterpiece.”

“A roller-coaster ride of moods and sounds. Dale Turner is an eclectic genius full of lyrical delights and intelligent musical sensibility. Musically, he's kind of a mix between Ben Folds, Sufjan Stevens, and Björk. But on many tracks, frankly, he’s better."”

"Dale Turner has one of those voices to which the ear is just naturally drawn."

"Truly brilliant vocal harmonies. Turner’s voice ... will remind you of classic Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche) and Jeff Buckley, yet has a signature all its own that transcends [being] pigeonholed."


"A fresh & original piece of work here ... You really never know what to expect from track to track—some beyond-weird voice effects, unorthodox mode of tempos ... Get ready to hear something unique."

“A true visionary ... who really gives meaning to the word 'independent.' There is a lot to be said about a man that forges his own destiny ... who has the audacity to take on any idea his mind can conjure up. A true one-man band.”

"A mixed bag of musical treats ... colourful vocal delivery and precise instrumentation ... evokes thoughts of Mr. Bungle ... Fans of Mike Patton should perhaps take interest."

"Dale Turner is one of this decade's finest singers. This guy is fearless! A first class recording."

"An ace guitarist with a vast stylistic palette."

"If you are looking for something in music that dares to be original, then the music of Dale Turner fits the bill."

“Inspired and sophisticated. A distinctive style with quirky, inventive imagery and unexpected dissonance, unusual arrangements and a jazz/prog rock-influenced phrasing. An overall showcase of obvious talent on display.”


“The first time I listened to [Mannerisms Magnified], I was frozen in time and space as it took over my mind. I forgot where I was. Dale's music is complex, tricky, and unusual ... yet ... at the core, you can't escape the beautiful vocal melodies and well-crafted acoustic guitar. It's alive, like music should be.”

“At track two ["Bad Seed"] I feel as if I've started listening to the late Jeff Buckley's GRACE. It's not so much the way Turner softly but effectively vocalizes, but even the intricate, mellow guitar work that so hauntingly marked "Grace" and "Last Goodbye" are apparent here. This isn't a case of an artist simply imitating Buckley, but rather showcasing his passion for such an influence.”

“This guy is a musical genius who locked himself away for a few years to deliver you this catalogue of music. It's highly worth an hour of your time to peer into Turner's world.”