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24:7 / Press

“Are you kidding me? Each song is a hit in my book! I love the girl singer's soulfulness on Reach and the male singer on Hero Unsung sings it like he is the Vet. (made me cry) Beyond Words 24/7 You all ROCK!”

“Once again 24:7 is a Hit. Now that Big Dan's music is on Armed Forces Radio Network, the troops around the world can hear it.”

“24/7+Kesley Rose RoXXXXXXXXXXXX Congrats on being #1 on Reverbnation !”

"Shadows of the Street" tremendous song. Original and beautifully sung and produced. All the best.

“I heard 24/7"s new songs and they are incredible! Your group is so diversified and I think your songs are all so good! Love the way the girl singer articulates, so soulful! 24/7's The Best!”

“4 comments! Beautiful Video Beautiful Song Beautiful Singer Beautiful Touch!”

“Ride that Wave Brotha, cause this Reach Album of 24:7 is your Absolute Best! You all ROCK!!!!!!!!!”

“From all Vets, We Salute You 24:7 ! Great Job on "Hero Unsung".”

“What am I sayin I like all the songs! playin em right now! Screw the American Idol! Your group is wayyyyyyyyyyy Betttttterrrrrrrr!”

“I am sitting at home by myself cause me & the boyfirend broke up a couple weeks ago.Then all of a sudden LIGHTS comes on & I never have been hit like that from a song, but I started crying. The singer just brought me to tears & I just wanted to share with your band how much I like LIGHTS & all the other songs too!”

"It's a Young Man's World" is too funny! You guys have some serious music, great talents, & then some funny stuff too! I love the viagara part! lmao!

“I can't believe it 24:7! You topped your other CD! REACH is the Best Ever! Every Song is a Ten!”

"Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!!"

"The new album LOOK UP by 24:7 is a very creative theme that shows a lot of thought and right on target for today's world. The music and production are FIRST CLASS. This one is a MUST BUY!"

"Hi 24:7 Productions, thanks for your connection on ReverbNation. I’m diggin’ your outstanding music airing here on IMRadio, as I write you this note. Have a wonderful week ahead! peace!"

“Hello 24:7, I have listened to your songs and am inspired by them. The songs, the talent, the vocals & the spiritual heart that is illuminated from your songs is unrivaled by anyone else out there! Spectacular sound!”

“Love the Video & Song "Touch" 24:7, singer has true soul !!!!!!! A++++++++++”

“Hi there:) Your music sounds awesome...it make me smile:)** Thanks so much for the support...keep making that sweet music:) Wish you all the best:) Your America idol song is so coooool:) Talk to you soon:) God Bless** JL”

"Excellent Material & Excellent Quality work! GREAT CD! Totally Motivational & Inspiring! Love the girl’s voice too!"

"I Love your music! I listened to it & loved every song. This music & lyrical content is highly motivating & tasteful in todays market! I highly recommend this CD!"

“As Always............. luvvvvv this song say the won about Young Mans world cracks me up, Luv it Another one is Shadows of the street..........WOW Another one is the Gabby song........ beautifully put together song Your band is a phenomenal!”

“Man peeps are luvn the new vid and new album this is your best yet 24/7 girl voice sounds smmmooooth! REACH!!!!!!”

"Pray is a greatly written song. liked it!"

"Hello there 24:7. I listened to your songs & thought they sounded great! The duet was excellent. Listen, I like it so much I am going to let tons of people know about you :)" Real Good tunes!

"Ta-dA" is a really cool song, like the video, wonderful production, in fact awesome! cheers! Aldo

“This music is music to my ears. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! There is a lot of precision in the vocals. There is an extreme amount of quality on this youtube video. PLEASE make more youtube videos.....PLEASE”

"From Shine to Pray to Halos at Night, Ta Da is positively upbeat and heavenly from start to finish. It was a joy to hear Dan and the gang back at it doing the Lord's work. This CD puts me at peace with God. Good job guys!"

"Fun and smart, your tracks are a nice combinations of Talking Heads and Cars with your personal touch. Great job!"

“My Teacher, my Producer, my Engineer - most of all my good friend Rick Young.”

"Tomorrow's Yesterday has a nice theatrical sound. Top-notch production...with a message. Sweet!"

“I heard your song Shine & saw the video. I thought it was very inspirational & the young girl singer rocked it out! Impressive! Shine On 24:7!”

“Once again Dan Siemert has hit the music mark. Each song is unique and shows creative genius at work. I especially enjoyed the song Call Back The Moon. Great lyrics and the duet was done with just the right flavor of music to augment the singing. This one is a must for your music library.”

"Thank you for the Friendship . . .。 Great music, great arrangements, superb producer.。 ♫。 ♪。 ♫。 Great work mate !

“Say I just love the songs & am listening to them as we speak! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Massive! Every single song is a hit!”

"I listened to your 24:7 cd & am taken back by the heartfelt theme & great quality sound & material. 1. 9/11 Day is excellent! Great music lyrics & vocals 2.Look Up is soooo good! The girls voice is great! Chilling to my soul when she sings Look Up to Our Father Above! 3. Stop & Smell The Roses is a Hit! When the girl & the man sing this together it brought a smile to my face & a tear to my eyes! Too Cute! Great CD! I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!"

“I just sat there the whole time listening and watching...... Hero Unsung is the new Anthem for American Patriots!”

"This is a truly inspirational CD! Music, Vocals & Production is Superb! I love the quality! Each song has its own Character presentation! I definitely give 24/7 a Big Thumbs Up!!!! "