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CW Ayon / Press

“The spirit of Ayon’s New Mexican heritage is omnipresent throughout Lohmador, and the slinky, slanky grooves provide a glimpse into a man whose music is worth cherishing. His foray in the obscure should be a thing of the past, CW Ayon should be in every true blues fan’s top 10 list of 2013.”

“Keeping beat on double drums, and occasionally blowing some harp, it’s a pleasure to hear CW’s variety — he keeps the tunes from becoming repetitious, which is so often the curse of the one man band format. Ayon’s vocals are also a departure from the typical whiskey- and smoke-soaked sound we are so used to. Ayon’s youthful vocals are clear and skilled, yet there’s no lack of feeling or soul. This musician understands deep blues with a real passion, all-too-often lacking in the blues scene we’ve been witness to for decades.”

“We’ve been diggin’ on this young fella from New Mexico for a little while now and think he’s got some pretty good chops. He keeps it pretty raw, which is a pre-requisite for Stobie Sounds, and we’re chuffed to have him on board for the Big Joe Williams Tribute album.”

“CW Ayon blew the crowd away with his deep soul and ability to fill the entire stage with his singular presence.”

Rebecca Jacobs (Silver Scene Editor) - The Silver Scene

“He's just like a whole band, a guy like that can command the stage and pull in the entire park.”

Faye McCalmont (Silver City Blues Festival Director) - The Silver Scene

“Ayon’s power is in his love of the music. He’ll tell you over and over, “I just wanna play.” And we just want to listen.”