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cua / Press

“Love the opening violins. Very professional sounding track. The instrumentation is superb. Superior to some pros even. Love this song, and would definitely buy it. It has an eclectic, interesting sound. Yet it all blends together perfectly.”

"I really like the 7/8 time, that meter really brings life to the track. The addition of guitar partway in is really in good taste and the building effect was appreciable. There is just a little bit of dissonance and it's done perfectly. The string player sounds very comfortable and it's quite enjoyable to listen to. I love the key change to harmonic minor! Really competent musicians, that much is immediately evident. The song travels, it moves, it doesn't just cycle over and over. The guitar brings the rhythm perfectly and the ending to the song is almost a joyous punchline. I wish I could hear it again, it was really a treat to listen to. Well done, I must say. Easily a ten."

“An interesting duo worth checking out.”

“It is to the great respect of the duo that you cannot imagine any of their tracks working without either vocal, where appropriate, or instrument. Each element seems totally necessary.”

“music is a way of life.Its a universal language one of the greatest communication tools we have on the planet.”

“Its a busy time for the laois two-piece having put the finishing touches on their "Winter Tapes" album”