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Crossing Main / Press

“Great people, great band...you'll enjoy them!”

Victor Gann

“Had a great time at The House of Blues . Crossing Main - by far the best band there! Once you guys came out , everyone started dancing and having a great time ! You all are amazing and were born to be on stage !!!”

Nancy Murray

“Your show at The House of Blues-Dallas on 6/08/2013 was amazing!! Once you all took the stage and began to play, the crowd become energized and really seemed to start enjoying themselves. You all sounded great and that Julia has an AMAZING voice I tell ya!! The only thing that would have made the show better would have been that you all had a longer set!! Looking forward to your next show.”

Sarah Langley Atkins

“She's got the pipes and the dashing good looks. An all around jewel! Texas doesn't know what's its about to get smacked with.”

Chance Overton

“Just added you guys as friends.. I was the bald dude who left after the second set and stopped by and spoke with yall for a moment.. you guys need to keep it up - you have talent and the only negative of the Saturday night show at Red Rock was the sound... everybody rocked - but I have to say you have one of the best female vocalists I have ever heard live - bar, big stage, whatever.... Stop by my timeline sometime - I posted some live stuff from my band Element X ... we had a vocalist who was the male counterpart of you guys vocalist.. its scary to imagine a duo between the two of you.. i will be back to see more of ya'll for sure..”

Mark Williams

"All kinds of fun! It was eargasm after eargasm. Most pleasure I've had in a while!"

Chance G. Overton