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Crazy Aces Music / Press

“....It's these unusual grooves and their imaginative arrangements which give Crazy Aces a fresh take on the rock instrumental style and create a unique and rewarding listen.”

“...Crazy Aces is a funky, kitschy ensemble that plays an amalgam of hard-driving surf, Japanese eleki, mod, Spaghetti Western, psychedelia, and noir instruments. And Senn sculpted the sounds with an equally eclectic range of guitars...Crazes Aces debut CD brings them back to their musical roots - '60s faves from the Ventures to the Astronauts, Duane Eddy to Link Wray. The result is their first album, cheekily names "Greatest Hits Volume 2"...had a desire to take things back to the original reasons I played in the first place - love of the instrument, love of music, and just plain fun....This thought process is what created Crazy Aces.”

“...great tunes that incorporate surf, spy, go-go, spaghetti western and fuzz...what really seals the deal here is the excellent songwriting and spot-on production. These are clear, well-orchestrated songs that'll stick in your head for a long time.”

“On their 2012 debut album, Greatest Hits Volume 2, Crazy Aces both pay homage to and send up classic instrumental surf, spaghetti Western, '60s psychedelia and Japanese eleki music...But before long, it's clear there's a lot more to Crazy Aces than waxing boards and hanging 10.”

“In a scenario that would fit right into a ’50s exploitation flick about rock music turning genteel darlings into demented punks, Crazy Aces founder Jeff Senn was first exposed to instrumental guitar music in tawdry billiard halls...Senn powers the Crazy Aces’ “Spy-a- Go-Go” blend of surf-twang-fuzz-Japanese Eleki music with a self-built “Jazzguar,” an Eastwood Sidejack, and a collection of vintage Teiscos. Amps include a ’73 Fender Princeton, a ’66 Fender Super Reverb, and a ’59 Supro 1624T...”

“It's a debut greatest hits collection, but that's all part of the fun. This ensemble of Nashville session men led by luthier Jeff Senn service up a set of surf, Japanese eleki, noir instrumentals, and sonic kitsch, accented by plenty of reverb, tremolo, and righteous twang.”

“When a band decides to call their debut album Greatest Hits, Volume 2, they know they better have some serious chops to back it up. And these guys definitely do. To call the CD eclectic is an understatement. There are Spaghetti Western sounds, Quincy Jones, Austin Powers-type themes, and even psychedelia. Surf enthusiasts have plenty to get their rocks off, including a tribute to Eleki (Japanese surf music) legend Takeshi Terauchi. I can honestly say the sweetest tune we’ve received in our mailbox so far is one called “The Last Song”. ”

“...Did I mention all the guitar-playing on this record is terrific, as is all the musicianship? It is. Killer good... ...this record makes me think of what would have happened if some of the Wrecking Crew had formed their own surf band and recorded and performed under their own name...”

“...it expands beyond the typical surf-band territory to include spaghetti-Western motifs (“Eastwood Outlaw”), Austin Powers-worthy mod sounds (“Attention Shoppers”) and psychedelia (“Hippy Trip” and “Numb One”). But fear not, surf purists — there’s plenty for you: “Invasion of Malibu,” “Boogie Bored” and “Arigato Terauchi,” a tribute to eleki (Japanese surf music) legend Takeshi Terauchi. But the standout may be “The Last Song,” a gorgeous, haunting melody in the vein of Santo & Johnny’s “Sleepwalk.””

“...love of classic ’60s instrumental music: James Bond soundtracks, Link Wray rumbles, psycho surf, Japanese eleki — all musical styles that shone a spotlight on the electric guitar in all its twangy, tremoloed, reverberated, fuzzed-out glory. As Crazy Aces, Senn & Co. (guitarist Sam Hawksley, bassist Oscar Cary and drummer Tom Hoey) tackle some challenging territory, including Dick Dale spinouts, classic tracks from eleki superstars Takeshi Terauchi and Yuzo Kayama, and theme songs from Goldfinger, Thunderball and Hawaii Five-0. And with Senn’s arsenal of vintage amps and instruments and ear for tone, it’s an auditory orgy for surf lovers, gear freaks and pedal geeks of all stripes.”