CrashFuse / Press

“You guys stole the show. Mind-blowingly good. You've definitely made a fan out of me. Rock on, Crashfuse.”

Joe Bennett

“Artvoice Battle Of Original Music Competition: "You were fantastic and your new material sounded great. I really liked "The Girl" and enjoyed my favorites as well ("Crossroads", "Just a Little", "Tuition", etc). It was this observers opinion that you were the most charismatic and had the most crowd involvement. Looking forward to future shows with great anticipation--"”

Jonathan Amidon

“You guys have a style all of your own and this new song "The Girl" captures it well!”

Jonathan Amidon

“The disc is a heady mix of alternative and power pop tunes that would appeal to fans of our own Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse or Dave Matthews Band. "Crossroads", "Just A Little" and "Tuition (Am I Letting Go?)" are all good songs and a nice sampler of the bands talents and direction.”

“Just listened to Waiting. This song absolutely defines me!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!! hit me up with your next show please!?!?!?!”

Zak Zimmerman

“Unreal. Honestly, Crossroads gave me goosebumps. Amazing job guys.”

“I usually ignore most band things... I'm glad I didn't ignore this. Absolutely fantastic.”

“Keep an eye out for the upcoming release from Crashfuse!! These boys got some songs. You're really going to love this album!”

California Road Studios

“92.9 Jack FM Buffalo's band of the week”