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Coyote Poets Of The Universe / Press

“Berkeley– The Coyote Poets of the Universe offers an entertaining smorgasbord of musical styles, served up with its own unique flavor. “The coyote in Native American lore is the trickster. As entertainers we trick people into being happy. We make the world a bit better for a time,” said leader and bassist Andy O’Leary, also a DJ on Denver’s KUVO jazz radio station. Inspired by an eclectic mixture of rock, acoustic, African and Native American music, the band admires such artists as Rusted Root, The Band and Traffic. Spoken word is also a part of the mix, courtesy of O’Leary’s poetry. “Spoken poetry provides breaks in the music. It adds a different point of view. Sometimes it’s better to tell a story with a poem,” said O’Leary. A wide range of instruments give the Coyotes their full, “orchestral” sound. The band includes Josie Quick on violin, John Rasmussen on woodwinds, Patricia Shaw on saxophones, Gary Hoover and Tom Carleno on guitars, Melissa Gates on ”

“Radio Days A A A Comments (0) By Robin Edwards Thursday, Sep 5 2013 Andy O'Leary grew up on radio. As a kid, he holed up and listened to music and old-timey variety shows; now, as an adult, he's translating his love of the theater of the mind to the stage. Inspired by Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion, the host of KUVO's Sunday-night Jazz Tales show will play the Keillor role in his new variety show, Coyotes at the Crossroads, which debuts tonight. "Our Lake Wobegon is the land of square-shaped states," says O'Leary of the show's focus on Western themes unique to states like Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. At the center of the show — which includes live performances of poetry, storytelling, comedy and music — is O'Leary's ten-piece band, the Coyote Poets of the Universe, which will play its jazz/Americana/blues music throughout the show as well as showcase its members' individual storytelling and poetry talents. "The West is a dynamic area that doesn't need New York ”

“Sound - ****, Composition - **** Musicianship - ****, Performance - **** "Pandora's Box" opens just like one, full of fun. So are the rest; and by "Quittin' Time" -- a rotgut closer sure to bring out the lighters -- a "mean ol' gambler" is slyly slandered, sounding like "brother trucker". The liner notes read "Note: Adult language on this track." Pay attention folks: these people didn't miss a single detail. ”

“**** Performance, *** Sound "O's Notes: As the title suggests Pandora's Box is a collection of many different contemporary pop jazz tunes. They open with a Capella on the title track, add Spanish influence on "Cuando El Ray Nimrod", and marry vocal harmonies with a funky back beat on "History of the World" including prominent banjo and bass lines. We also enjoyed "Rapp Riff", the hard blues of "Quittin' Time" and the cool breezes of "Vermillion Cliffs" especially the crickets! As always, the Coyote Poets deliver an eclectic package."”

"These nine musicians, offering all original tunes on their fifth album, might be graduates of Ken Kesey's Acid Tests of the mid'60s who have been transported across time to the present. Along the way they picked up influences ranging from globalists Paul Horn and Oregon to adventurous rock bands It's A Beautiful Day and Joy Of Cooking to Ken Nordine's word jazz. Keeping listeners off guard, the Denver-based Coyote Poets loosely fit the contemporary jam-band mold even as "Blood and Bones" and "Quittin' Time" rumble with a blues heft unattainable to many conventional blues bands." ***1/2 Stars .(Three and 1/2 stars)

"...this is a potent and powerful listening experience that should be enjoyable for most music fans."

“Coyote Poets of the Universe: real alternative Americana rock”

“Their combination of retro-psych-folk and post-world is at its strongest on this one.”

“Now that they've made it to their fifth record, confounding some along the way, amazing others, the Coyote's take it up a notch making outsider music that falls somewhere between electric 70s English folk, late 60s Zappa and anything else they feel like. Look, put this on and fire up a doob. What else is there to say? Everything will be just right in the end. ”

“Pandora's Box - "It is, in turns beautiful, strange and compelling" **** (Four Stars) ”

“Pandora's Box "A wonderful new incarnation of the band's style of music set to poetry. Steeped in the flavor of the American West but spanning the universe with sounds from the world." Four Stars - ****”